One Plan. No Limits.

Web Hosting Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

Unlimited Web Hosting. Get online in minutes.

Anchor Reef makes it easier to get your website online without guesstimating how much storage or bandwidth you’ll need. Simply enjoy unlimited shared hosting at the same flat rate every month.
Unlimited Storage

You’ll have all the space you need to build and run your site – no artificial limitations imposed on you here!
Unlimited Data Transfer

Getting a bill for excess bandwidth usage isn’t something you’ll need to worry about anymore.
Unlimited Parked Domains

You can run one primary domain per account – that means one site – but park as many domains as you like.
Unlimited Databases

No limits here either. All we ask is that you keep your MySQL DBs optimised and their size manageable.

No more comparing plans.
Get everything you need for a single flat rate.
$25 per month or $275 per year.
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Unlimited Shared Hosting? Really?

Yes, really. Shared hosting is perfectly suited to the needs of the vast majority of websites, and you can enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth on your shared hosting account for the same flat rate every month. No throttling, no bill shock, no surprises.

All that we ask is that you comply with our Fair Use Policy – a necessary safeguard to prevent people taking advantage of the platform for illegitimate purposes and to ensure no-one is adversely affected by “noisy neighbours”.

So no—you can’t run your new video streaming service or massive file storage site on Anchor Reef! Talk to us about moving to AWS if you’ve got these sorts of ambitions. If your website starts routinely consuming an unfair amount of server resources, we’ll simply talk to you about upgrading to a private server or cloud hosting plan.

Anchor Reef is hosted from data centres based in Sydney, Australia to ensure the very best performance for your Australian customers. Your support team is based here in Sydney too – you’ll not have the hassles of dealing with offshore call centres when you need assistance with something.

At just $25 per month, you won’t find a better deal.

Anchor Reef Web Hosting:
  • Fast & dependable web hosting
  • Australian-based support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Perfect for WordPress
  • Magento or WooCommerce
  • Get started in eCommerce
  • Great for Startups

$25 per month or $275 per year.

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