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AWS has revolutionised the way businesses run workloads and deploy infrastructure. Anchor offers a range of scalable cloud management plans for your business which are designed to act like outsourced IT teams for SMBs and emerging enterprise. There is no need to keep costly personnel on your payroll with Anchor, as all of your cloud services can be managed by our expert team, including cloud migration and development of your cloud platform.

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Why AWS managed services?

Comprehensive management of your AWS environments means your organisation is free to focus on what important; development and innovation. As you more with more agility on AWS, Anchor’s engineer take care of everything else. Think of us as a responsive, expert Operations team — we understand that we share a joint responsibility for the success of an application and business, not simply the management of the infrastructure. Our people, process and security practices help you achieve your organisational targets, while meeting compliance requirements and lowering risk.

How AWS helps your organisation innovate faster.

AWS offers an elastic infrastructure environment designed to allow scalability and resource consumption in real time. This means you can deploy faster, react instantly to changes in demands and auto-scale as required. It’s also a more cost-effective hosting option, allowing businesses to pay for only what they actually use and need rather than making costly investments in hardware or renting expense data centre space. With Anchor, your workloads are deployed within AWS Well-Architected guidelines, improving operational and cost efficiency whilst securing your mission critical and sensitive applications.

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Aviation Industry Case Study

Touchpoint Global required a multi-tenanted application to serve both their Australian and European customers for their inflight software for the aviation industry. Multi-regional deployment needed to be set up securely with network peering between the two regions and Anchor architected a secure AWS environment for a Highly Available Windows MS SQL Database.
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Touchpoint Global
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What is cloud web hosting?

The cloud refers to a network of virtual private servers. These servers act as one data server, sharing your website hosting and splitting computing power over multiple virtual machines. This ensures that the traffic to your website is securely managed over multiple servers, delivering higher connection speeds as the load can be split over more hardware when needed. It also means that hardware failures don’t result in downtime, with active servers taking up the load if one fails.

Transitioning to a cloud web hosting service is usually needed when a website has outgrown the services of a shared hosting provider and needs more computing power to manage its traffic reliably and securely. A dedicated server – which offers the same kind of network power and reliability – will usually need someone to manage it. To manage your server, you will need significant IT resources and knowledge. Cloud hosting offers individuals and businesses the option of switching to a data management system they don’t need to manage themselves.

Our cloud hosting services a scalable and cost effective. You can choose a cloud hosting solution that looks after your cloud platform, monitoring it and offering on-demand support when required. Our IT technical team are available 24x7x365 to respond to incidents and with our basic plan, you pay for our expert team on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

The next step up is our complete managed services plan. This is ideal for business customers who have critical applications requiring autoscaling, high availability or complex deployments. Technical support is all inclusive with this package and we’ll monitor your cloud hosting environment for incidents proactively. We also offer a DevOps package for business customers requiring custom automation and support. This means that you have a dedicated cloud consulting service available throughout every stage of your cloud deployment who acts just like a member of your development team but without the costly overhead. 

For more information about our cloud hosting packages and contracts, including our AWS management services as an AWS partner, speak with an Anchor consultant today. We can take through all elements of our hosting packages and help you choose the best suited product for your data.

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