Build Software-as-a-Serivce (SaaS) on AWS

Adopt a cloud native strategy for your software.

True cloud native deployment is possible with Anchor.

Anchor are specialists in architecting and delivering cloud native services for software businesses. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is business and software delivery model helps your organisation offer your products in a low-friction, service-centric approach with greater choice on how you bill and financially model. Becoming a SaaS business relies on the true adoption of cloud native services on AWS and the agility and operational efficiency as pillars that promotes rapid product development, fast deployment and innovation.

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Why re-factor or deploy software as cloud-native?

  1. Greatly reduce time-to-value through containerisation and microservers, reducing the time spent on installation and configuration and a reduction of issues that get in the way of the software development.
  2. Significantly lower resource costs as you can rapidly scale your infrasstructure and licencing based on customer demands and growth. With more dynamic use of microservers, server maintenance costs are significantly reduced as well.
  3. Improved scalability and integration as SaaS solutions reside in AWS environments that are scalable and easily integrate into other dependencies. Additionally, you’ll have the flexibility to be able to scale your SaaS use up and down based on specific needs.
  4. Faster release cycles mean upgrades are delivered quicker, improving customer experience. The costs and effort related to the upgrades also lower than the traditional deployment models which may require custom upgrade or provisioning.
  5. Perform proof-of-concepts with ease thanks to automated testing and validation built into the cloud native functionality. Benefit from more advanced deployment models such as blue/green and implement operating models encompassing DevOps principles.

AWS-certified engineers specialised in SaaS.

We enable software businesses to create reliable, scalable and cloud native applications that remain agile for what the future brings. Specialists in AWS’s containerisation and microservices, Anchor’s AWS-ceritified engineers will help strategise, architect, deploy and run your services whilst you prioritise your product. Now’s the time to build full-stack serverless apps without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

The Anchor advantage offers your software business:

  • Streamlined and accelerated application lifecycle management
  • Faster code deployment with improved flexibility
  • More efficient scalability that leverages containerisation and serverless architecture
  • Cost efficiencies in deploying cloud native over traditional monthly billing, reducing the cost of infrastructure

Introducing Agile Cloud Engineering®

Next-gen cloud engineering services for running the business of the future.

Modernise your software with Anchor’s SaaS solutions

Build, run and operate cloud-native

Anchor’s cloud engineers are on hand to enable your SaaS transformation. Including end-to-end solutions across build, CI/CD pipelines, code deployment, microservices and managed cloud services, accelerating speed to market without compromising security or quality.

Assured infrastructure management

Through AWS best practices and well-architected frameworks, Anchor engineers leverage AWS’s container and serverless platforms so you can develop code your way without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure and security of it.

Scale your resources efficiently

Anchor engineers can help you adapt to new customer consumption and demands immediately, through smart deployment and auto-scaling of AWS resources. The AWS open source environment enables you to achieve economies of scale and flexibility to customize your SaaS solutions.

Achieve faster time-to-value

With the necessary building blocks to jump-start your journey to SaaS, you can significantly lower your upfront costs and reduce risks. Grow your topline revenue and meet customer demand with robust operational SaaS models and go-to-market strategies.

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