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Rapidly and reliably build software through continous delivery.

Accelerate time-to-value with Anchor’s DevOps solutions.

Evolve to a DevOps model with Anchor, enabling Continuous Delivery whilst realsing better throughput, resilient systems, and faster time to market. Anchor’s DevOps services create harmony in cloud operations and is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. With Anchor you’re  evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. DevOps enables organisations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

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Best-practice DevOps implementation.

Our DevOps methodology orchestrates AWS DevOps tools, CI/CD processes, and practices you need to accelerate software delivery. With Anchor, you can automate infrastructure, streamline your IT operations and facilitate team communication. Anchor’s DevOps engineers and architects can build an action plan that automates AWS infrastructure, accelerates code delivery, and implements a DevOps culture in your organisation. We’re experiencing in helping you build a friction-free environment, leveraging secure coding practices. Anchor’s AWS development and operations practices are industry-validated and based on Well Architected guidelines.

AWS-certified cloud engineering expertise.

Accelerate your cloud operations, lower investment , speed up the release cycle by driving efficiency with Anchor DevOps solutions. Anchor provides professional advice and advisory services through our AWS certified Solution Architects how to deliver secure, compliant, cost-effective, and reliable CI/CD pipelines. Step into your new operational model by using all DevOps services available, or choose just what you need to complement your existing workflows.

  • Environment Management
  • Operations Management
  • Release Management
  • Security Management
  • 24×7 DevOps Support
  • Disaster Recovery

Introducing Agile Cloud Engineering®

Next-gen cloud engineering services for running the business of the future.

Implement a DevOps Culture in your Organisation

Rigorous Assessment & Planning

We’ll assess the current organisational structure and gain a deep understanding of the as-is state of the current infrastructure, architecture, and processes. Secondly is the creation creation of a roadmap for improving processes, tools, security, and automating infrastructure. All major stakeholders are key to in building a DevOps culture in the organisation.

Automation with IaC

Automate infrastructure through robust Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices. This includes the provision and configure build servers, testing, staging, and production environments to ensure continuity. This delivers the key benefit from automatic provisioning, configuration, and control of all environments with no human error.

Continuous Integration (CI)

CI enables your to work on the same project trunk and integrate code into it as branches, all whilst merging code changes into a single repository. CI also helps execute automated builds and test runs every time a team member makes any changes to version control. Additional benefits include reducing merge conflicts, identifying and fixing bugs early in the development process, and finally avoiding duplicated efforts.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

With Anchor and our DevOps solutions, your organisation can schedule and deploy complex apps and code based on the infrastructure environment. Also run changes throughout the CI/CD pipeline and directly deploy builds to production environments without bugs or delays ensuring that software is always release-ready with updated versions of the application, in the working state, automatically put into production.

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