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Anchor’s managed cloud solutions are designed for those who demand agility, performance and technical leadership from their MSP. Our range of cloud services range from monitoring and break-fix, through to complete DevOps managed services. Anchor’s cloud operations plan provide advanced 24×7 support and the acumen and execution skills needed to innovate on cloud. A team of AWS-certified engineers can also assist with your transition to a true cloud operating model, including CI/CD pipelines and DevOps services. Think of us as a responsive, expert Cloud Operations team — we understand that we share a joint responsibility for the success of an application and business, not simply the management of your cloud infrastructure.

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Anchor cloud operations are run and managed by veteran AWS-certified engineers who build and run best-practice environments. You can choose from a range of scalable AWS management services offering everything from 24x7x365 incident response, to performance optimisation, AWS spend optimisation and secure hardening and intrusion testing. We are proudly an Advanced tier member of the Amazon Partner Network, meaning you benefit from our enhanced technical capability and experience.

Drive operational efficiency and optimise costs.

More businesses than ever are benefiting from the cost efficiencies and agility offered by AWS. To optimise costs and maximise the efficient use of resources within an AWS account, Anchor can provide a powerful cost optimisation service which constantly scans for inefficiencies in the AWS account and recommends actions for retaining the most lean, cost-efficient deployment possible. This is achieved through right-sizing of under-utilised resources, detection and termination of idle resources, and actionable recommendations — such as buying or modifying Reserved Instances. Additionally, Anchor’s experienced and capable technical staff can perform reviews of application and infrastructure performance.

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Customer Testimonials


"After a few conversations, it was clear Anchor was a phenomenal fit for TestFlight. We would love to take credit for everything but the reality is that Anchor brought a wealth of experience to the table. They took our stack, analysed it and came up with a plan of attack which involved some fantastic technologies only well-bearded individuals should touch."

Trystan Kosmynka – Co-Founder and CTO, TestFlight

Test Flight Logo


"We’ve been working with the Anchor team for over ten years and are impressed with their technical ability and understanding of just how important a website is to an online retailer – it isn’t just part of our business, it is our business. Over the years they’ve been able to scale and grow out the infrastructure in a way that has really supported Booktopia."

Steven Traurig – Director, Booktopia

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"Professional service from real-world techs that know what they're talking about. Anchor are a team that you and pick up the phone and talk/brainstorm a solution. They follow up and offer great emergency support with access to AWS engineers if required. Good old fashion service, which is hard to find."

Angus Keech - CEO Touchpoint Global

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"Knowledgeable, prompt in their response and can rely on them for resolution."

Lars Jensen - Director of Technology Architecture, Our Community

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"Anchor is the most reliable and experienced managed hosting provider we have ever worked with."

Tom Mei - IT Technical Manager, Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Children's Foundation


"We've been using Anchor now for a number of years to manage our infrastructure. They are great at day to day monitoring and maintenance of our AWS services, and they are also good when it comes to assisting us with one off infrastructure projects. The individual support people I've worked with have been great personally and professionally."



"I would strongly recommend Anchor and have in fact recommended them to several colleagues. Anchor has built us a modern, scalable infrastructure for our environment that has allowed our business to grow. They've helped us identify areas of our application that required performance optimisation and have been able to assist with recommendations to meet our compliance requirements."

Eric Robert - Simple Clinic

Simple Clinic


We couldn’t be more impressed with the managed services from Anchor. They have provided rock solid support with quick response times and are always willing to help advise recommendations where necessary. We would recommend Anchor to anyone in need of quality cloud engineering services."

Brendan Ryan - Infiniti Telecommunications

Infiniti Telecommunications


"Working with Anchor has been consistent with their expert advice, reliability and overall assistance to our business."

Afroz Ali - 4D Systems

4D Systems

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Managed Cloud

The Cloud is a series of servers which houses your complete computing needs from application hosting to data storage. A managed cloud service is one in which your service provider takes care of everything from server housing and maintenance, to data protection and constant monitoring.

As computing and data storage needs have evolved, so have the server platforms and dedicated hosting providers who offer them. Not that long ago, business IT services were housed and administrated on the same site as the business who needed them. This kind of service needed powerful on site servers and an IT services professional, or a department of them, who knew how to monitor, maintain and administer them to ensure smooth running of the business and updated, reliable software access for everybody. The infrastructure was usually large, bulky machines which required whole rooms or whole office floors to house. They were expensive to purchase, expensive to maintain and expensive to house in climate-controlled and secure environments.

Then came colocation services. Colocation offered businesses the option of using servers for application hosting and data storage housed in off site locations especially designed for them, called data centres. Your business still accessed the storage space and computing power it needed, but the infrastructure supporting your IT needs was held off site and managed by a colocation services provider. The data centre your servers were housed in were secure environments made for purpose rather than office floors hastily adapted. The server software and maintenance, however, was usually still the responsibility of the business meaning that IT professionals were still needed on the payroll to manage server access, storage and monitoring.

Data storage and application hosting is a bit like owning a fleet of business vehicles. They can be accessed and used every day by your employees, but ongoing monitoring, safety checks, repairs and maintenance still needs to be undertaken by licenced and qualified personnel who know what they’re doing. Your business server needs are the same. While you could rent a fleet of servers for your application hosting and storage needs, you were responsible for maintaining that fleet.

Now there is a managed cloud service. Like colocation services, the application hosting and data storage you need for your business is housed inside state-of-the-art data centres comprising the latest servers and the expert IT professionals required for maintaining them. However, a managed cloud service provider also takes care of your individual server maintenance as well. They are the fleet managers and mechanics. You pay a single service provider a flat fee for hosting and maintenance, concentrating on your business growth instead of its IT needs and ongoing maintenance.

What is managed cloud hosting?

Managed cloud services first arrived in the form of hosting infrastructure management platforms like Amazon AWSand Microsoft Azure. It offered a business the ability to utilise cloud deployment and move key applications and storage into shared data centres, reducing IT services costs for purchasing and maintaining on site servers, but it still required IT professionals to manage the Cloud. Managed cloud hosting is offered by service providers who act as your on site IT technicians, managing not only your IT infrastructure but the applications and data you store on your Cloud servers too. We take care of everything. All you need to worry about is paying for what you need right now, not investing in what you might need in the future.

Colocation vs managed hosting vs cloud all depends on what stage of growth your business is at and what kind of IT service you need to concentrate on growing your business. Colocation services offer you reduced costs in IT service infrastructure, but you still need the IT technician services to manage your software and maintain your data services on the business end. This might be your preference. If you’re an IT professional or looking for Amazon web services to house your website data and applications, you might be happy continuing to look after your servers directly as well.

But if you don’t have the IT resources to manage Azure managed cloud services or your cloud data management, then managed hosting and managed cloud solutions mean that you rent the space and expertise you need instead. It means that you can choose cloud computing options without the ongoing infrastructure management overheads and use only what you need right now. As your business and business needs grow, your managed services like AWS plans are capable of growing with you, offering you more data storage, more powerful cloud infrastructure and still none of the financial or IT services burden needed to administer it.

Cloud solutions offer businesses of all sizes the ability to operate anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. Managed cloud services offer businesses of all sizes the ability to never have to manage their own cloud hosting requirements, and to access on-demand storage and managed application hosting that works reliably, securely and at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a dedicated IT department and services personnel.

To find out how your business can access a managed cloud service and begin making the transition to fast, reliable and secure cloud services that are completely managed by Anchor, contact one of our consultants today. We can step you through each of our managed cloud plans and show you how your business will benefit from slashing IT overhead costs and improving accessibility, speed and storage.

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