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Anchor offers white-glove managed migrations to AWS and can cater to any of the R’s; Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire and Retain. Successful cloud migrations need precise planning and execution as part of a overall strategy that sets goals, creates a timeline, anticipates challenges and defines success. This is where Anchor set ourselves apart from others. Experienced at moving workloads from On-Premise to Cloud, Anchor can help your organisation realise the benefits and flexibility of cloud faster. As Anchor is an AWS partner, we know how to architect your migration with security, cost-governance and scalability in mind.

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Anchor’s wide range of cloud services include essential management of your cloud migration strategy to complete DevOps managed services. Our project teams can manage your move to the cloud as well as transitioning to continuous delivery, development and operations and customised automation and support. Anchor’s Cloud Excellence (ACE) methodology ensures that your cloud environment is refined and optimised over time, ensuring your business maximizes the value of your cloud investment. Why DevOps? It’s radical way of accelerating how your business leverages the cloud for agility and involves embedding one of our engineers into your development team as early in the project as possible.

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To return value to your business, cloud adoption requires strategic planning supported by sound technical decisions. The long-term cost efficiencies and agility offered by Cloud is why businesses of all sizes are making the shift. Unlike Private Cloud or on-premise solutions, a migration to AWS requires no capital investment for physical infrastructure. Fewer IT professionals are also required to maintain your infrastructure, resulting in valuable savings and smaller business overheads by shifting your workloads to the cloud.

Our team at Anchor are experts with vast knowledge and proven application of their Cloud expertise and we’re here to ensure your shift to a reliable, secure and right-sized cloud environment occurs seamlessly and with minimal impact to your business.

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To find out how our Cloud migration services can help your business manage a seamless cloud migration, or how we can optimise your current environment, speak with a consultant from Anchor today who can provide you with a cost estimate that includes your migration planning and full management of your migration process. We’ll take you through our fully managed services and the benefits of embedding one of our own engineers in your development team who acts as an inhouse expert throughout your entire project lifecycle.

Architect Your Cloud Migration Strategy


Rehosting is a popular migration strategy also known as “lift and shift.” It is a quick solution for migrating to the cloud and moves applications, software, and data to cloud with little effort. Rehosting is popular for initial migrations because it involves moving existing physical and virtual servers into an IaaS solution. Rehosting may lead companies to re-architecting in the future, once a cloud-based operation is in place.


Refactoring and re-architecting of applications and is usually driven by a business need to add features or for scalability. Refactoring/re-architecting often boosts agility, business continuity, and overall productivity and collaboration. However, this strategy tends to be the most expensive and is usually executed after an initial migration via one of the other approaches, like rehosting.


Well-established organizations sometimes have a legacy system that is far too structured to move into IaaS cloud platforms. Instead of changing the core of the applications, the applications are emulated through a virtual machine so that legacy IT systems can become compatible with modern day cloud technologies. Replatforming, though sometimes costly, is a far better option for companies that cannot restructure the IT legacy systems at the time of cloud migration.


Identifying everything in your business environment that have the potential to migrate allows you to evaluate the value of the product, service, or application. Identify all the users of each migration element and see what’s being used and what is not. Determining what you can retire will also help save money on elements that should have been previously phased out of use.


Repurchasing, when possible is an excellent and fast way to access cloud-based SaaS that is tailored to your business needs by the cloud provider. SaaS, or software as a service, takes your company’s existing data and applications and articulates them in a cloud-based product to help manage operations, such as human resources (HR), customer relationship management (CRM), or content management (CMS).


Some elements of your environment may not migrate and are retained as-is. There are many reasons to maintain an in-house element, such as riding out the depreciation value or the cost of migration is too high, and your company can maintain more value using the application or service on the ground. Retaining some IT aspects on-premise is a popular chose for a hybrid cloud service.

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