Custom hosting solutions managed by Anchor.

Single-tenant dedicated environments optimised for performance.

Enterprise Grade
Dell EMC Servers

Managed Included
Full Coverage

Optimised & Secure
Peace of Mind

24×7 Support
With Incident Response

Dedicated hosting built for mission-critical workloads.

Sometimes it’s ok to want more – a lot more. Anchor’s powerful and cost-effective dedicated servers are well suited to enterprise or mission critical workloads. If you need the compute and memory resources, along with the peace of mind that you are the only client on the server, a dedicated solution is may by the right solution. Anchor’s dedicated servers are hosted in Equinix Data Centres and benefit from premium redundant transit links with peering into major cloud exchanges.

With Anchor dedicated, your can grow horizontally or vertically by adding additional resources or servers to meet the growing demands of your application. With 24x7x365 support, Anchor makes light work of turning complex problems into simple solutions. Using the latest generation hardware and an ability customise your security protocols, your application will reach unprecedented performance with faster website load times, better uptime and better overall performance.

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Supported by
RHEL and Microsoft engineers.

Mission critical dedicated hosting with around the clock support.

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Data centre solutions that maximise uptime.

Anchor’s dedicated solutions are backed by our team of highly experienced engineers and operations personnel. For over 15 years, Anchor has earned the reputation for being the gold-standard for infrastructure expertise. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your mission critical application.

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Complete Management
Server Management (Security and Administration) Comprehensive
24x7x365 follow the sun support
OS Vendor Patching & Updates
Infrastructure and Network Monitoring
Proactive Emergency Response & Fault Rectification
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Connectivity and peering unmatched in Australia.

We utilise carrier grade equipment from Juniper Networks and Cisco from the borders of our network down to the server access layer. Connecting servers out to the internet we have multiple gigabit IP transit and peering links with our subnets always advertised to a minimum of two providers.

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