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Anchor exists to help SMBs and emerging enterprises who need managed AWS and cloud engineering services. Anchor enables the cloud by deeply engaging with your business; we architect, deploy, run and optimise cloud workloads and advocate for cloud best practices. We deliver the services every organisation needs to maintain resilient, reliable and secure managed cloud hosting. Anchor’s AWS-certified engineers continually optimise your workloads for better cost profiles, reflecting our commitment to providing affordable and reliable AWS solutions.

✔ Experts in engineering, deploying and operating AWS services
✔ 24×7 global support team with 50+ AWS certifications and L1/2/3 support teams
✔ Highly experienced team with over 20 years of private and public cloud experience

Introducing Agile Cloud Engineering®

Next-gen cloud engineering services for running the business of the future.

Solves your tech challenges with Managed AWS.

Customers overcome a wide range of technical and business challenges on cloud swiftly and locally, by working with our AWS-certified engineering and next-gen managed services team. Anchor’s team includes Solution Architect Professionals and 24×7 Cloud Support. Anchor’s mission is to remove your existing barriers to the cloud and help your organisation reap the benefits. Our AWS Solution Architects design and deploy AWS environments which strengthens your business and increases adaptability. Anchor’s deep engineering expertise means we can help run most application or workloads on AWS.

Services include:

  • 24×7 L1/2/3 Support
  • 24×7 Incident Response
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Automation
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Cloud Governance
  • Security Hardening
  • Patching and Updates

Why AWS managed services?

Comprehensive management of your AWS environments means your organisation is free to focus on what important; development and innovation. As you move with more agility on AWS, Anchor’s engineers take care of everything else. Think of us as a responsive, expert Operations team — we understand that we share a joint responsibility for the success of an application and business, not simply the management of the infrastructure. Our people, process and security practices help you achieve your organisational targets, while meeting compliance requirements and lowering risk.

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Customer Testimonials


"After a few conversations, it was clear Anchor was a phenomenal fit for TestFlight. We would love to take credit for everything but the reality is that Anchor brought a wealth of experience to the table. They took our stack, analysed it and came up with a plan of attack which involved some fantastic technologies only well-bearded individuals should touch."

Trystan Kosmynka – Co-Founder and CTO, TestFlight

Test Flight Logo


"We’ve been working with the Anchor team for over ten years and are impressed with their technical ability and understanding of just how important a website is to an online retailer – it isn’t just part of our business, it is our business. Over the years they’ve been able to scale and grow out the infrastructure in a way that has really supported Booktopia."

Steven Traurig – Director, Booktopia

booktopia logo


"Professional service from real-world techs that know what they're talking about. Anchor are a team that you and pick up the phone and talk/brainstorm a solution. They follow up and offer great emergency support with access to AWS engineers if required. Good old fashion service, which is hard to find."

Angus Keech - CEO Touchpoint Global

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"Knowledgeable, prompt in their response and can rely on them for resolution."

Lars Jensen - Director of Technology Architecture, Our Community

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"Anchor is the most reliable and experienced managed hosting provider we have ever worked with."

Tom Mei - IT Technical Manager, Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Children's Foundation


"We've been using Anchor now for a number of years to manage our infrastructure. They are great at day to day monitoring and maintenance of our AWS services, and they are also good when it comes to assisting us with one off infrastructure projects. The individual support people I've worked with have been great personally and professionally."



"I would strongly recommend Anchor and have in fact recommended them to several colleagues. Anchor has built us a modern, scalable infrastructure for our environment that has allowed our business to grow. They've helped us identify areas of our application that required performance optimisation and have been able to assist with recommendations to meet our compliance requirements."

Eric Robert - Simple Clinic

Simple Clinic


We couldn’t be more impressed with the managed services from Anchor. They have provided rock solid support with quick response times and are always willing to help advise recommendations where necessary. We would recommend Anchor to anyone in need of quality cloud engineering services."

Brendan Ryan - Infiniti Telecommunications

Infiniti Telecommunications


"Working with Anchor has been consistent with their expert advice, reliability and overall assistance to our business."

Afroz Ali - 4D Systems

4D Systems

AWS Cost Optimisation Engine

AWS usage costs can quickly spiral out of control without close and careful attention.

To both minimise your costs and maximise the efficient use of resources within your AWS account, Anchor can provide a powerful cost optimisation service which constantly scans for inefficiencies in your AWS account and recommends actions for retaining the most lean, cost-efficient deployment possible.

This is done through right-sizing of under-utilised resources, detection and termination of idle resources, and actionable recommendations — such as buying or modifying Reserved Instances.

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AWS Managed Services

AWS managed services from Anchor are tailored and structured affordably for your business, delivering the services every development team needs to maintain fast, reliable and secure application hosting. Unlike other AWS managed service providers, we don’t calculate our management fees based on a percentage of your AWS spend. We work to keep your costs at a minimum with AWS pricing structures which reflect our commitment to providing affordable and reliable AWS services.

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and most used cloud services platform. Developed by Amazon web services, it is now used by everybody from online start-ups to large scale government agencies. As a development platform, it offers a host of features including infrastructure technologies like computing, storage solutions and database hosting to emerging technological environments like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics.

The scale of functionality within those services includes the widest variety of databases that are purpose built for different types of applications so you can choose the right tools at the best cost for the highest performance. AWS pioneered the serverless computing space with the launch of AWS Lambda, which lets developers run their code without provisioning or managing servers. AWS also boasts a flexible and secure cloud computing environment with core infrastructure designed and built to satisfy military-grade security requirements, global banks and government organisations.

With the largest and most dynamic community of users and partners around the globe, AWS managed services are offered by Advanced Consulting Partners and experts like Anchor who know how to deliver both an outsourced cloud infrastructure management and operations team and an insource Agile operations team who can help your business migrate to the biggest cloud platform in the world seamlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our AWS or Amazon managed services are available for your business in one of two ways: Outsourced Cloud Ops and Insource Agile Ops. Our outsourced AWS management services are what you would typically expect from an infrastructure management provider and manager, with the exception of scalable pricing designed to remain affordable no matter what your AWS spend is.

Our Insource Agile Ops plans are a little bit different and this radical way of approaching AWS management and support services is designed to influence the development of your cloud environment, migration and applications from the very start of your development cycle, translating as cost savings, application efficiencies and access to AWS expertise throughout the entire development cycle. You receive the access you need to AWS expertise from your managed service provider before deployment without the need to onboard a full-time employee and increase your overheads.

Regardless of the plan structure you choose, we operate like an extension of your operating team, ensuring that your application is managed in a reliable data environment delivering optimal performance and secure data storage. Regardless of the AWS support plan you choose, you are still going to receive the best service from a dedicated team of IT experts who operate as Advanced AWS partners based in Sydney, Australia, and with coverage in London, UK, and Austin, USA.

What are AWS fully managed services?

Comprehensive management of your AWS environments means your development team is free to focus on what they’re there for: development and innovation. We take care of everything else. Our AWS managed services are designed to meet the needs of Agile development teams by becoming an adjunct of their operations team. Operating as responsive agents with Agile expertise, we shoulder the responsibility of helping you successfully deliver your application by managing your infrastructure with 24x7 support and incident response and monitoring.

For Agile development teams who want to take a DevOps approach, we have developed AWS automation and consulting service that embeds a cloud operations management consultant right into your team. From the start we integrate into your Scrum team to start providing application architecture design and AWS infrastructure and code development. We can build support for features like environment cloning and auto scaling into your application straight away.

By sharing responsibility for your project’s success, we have some skin in the game too and act not as passive infrastructure and application support, but as an integral member of your development team. This helps to reduce risk and offers us the opportunity to offer demonstrable value right from day one. We can help you simplify deployments and increase your team’s capabilities and capacity without the need for putting on another full-time employee. This cost effective solution reduces your overheads without putting additional strain on your development team.

Cost efficiency and optimisation is key to managing AWS usage costs as well. To help you minimise costs and maximise resource efficiency within your AWS account, we offer a powerful cost optimisation service designed to constantly monitor for inefficiencies and recommend actions for developing the most lean, cost-efficient deployment possible. This tool measures right-sizing of under-utilised resources, detects and terminates idle resources, and offers actional recommendations like buying or modifying Reserved Instances.

By augmenting your internal Agile Scum team with a dedicated Anchor resource, you can access immediate expertise and advice that will help ensure your transition starts at a sprint. Combining Development and Operations right at the beginning ensures that you access deployment expertise at every stage of the development cycle. Security, scalability, deployment automation, database performance and application architecture are considered from the start so that the final product really is the final product, with all of those considerations baked in. We can help you increase stability and security, develop consistent environments, streamline deployments and improve application performance.

What are the benefits of using a managed service on AWS?

Using an insourced Anchor expert from the very start of your infrastructure and application development cycle provides you with all the benefits of a full-time, dedicated resource but in a much more cost effective way. Your team has the opportunity to receive expert AWS support immediately, helping to form and shape your final deployment at every stage of development. This means that deployment is more streamlined, effective and that the application is scaled and optimised throughout development.

Our outsourced cloud ops plans offer you comprehensive AWS managed services and expertise, ready and waiting to assist in deployment and to provide monitoring patch management security, management tools, application migration services and the ongoing monitoring of your cloud environment. The benefits of using AWS managed services provided by an Advanced Consulting Partner like Anchor include increasing cost efficiency and optimisation, professional services offered by AWS experts who can do more than offer security and backup services, but also offer key insights for managing your application efficiencies, and how to act on those insights.

Our AWS managed service provider program is perfect for web developers, Agile developers, Scrum teams, product owners, project managers, business owners, eCommerce agencies and online retailers. We act as your frontline 24x7 response team, producing and maintaining a stable production environment and offer tools for optimising AWS performance and spend.

Contact one of our consultants to find out how our AWS managed services can help your development team build the best, most efficient and seamlessly deployed cloud application right from day one, or support your Agile development team by comprehensively monitoring and managing your infrastructure.

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Touchpoint Global navigates COVID-19 through cost optimisation measures and auto-scaling.

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