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Modular Engineering Services

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An innovative approach to delivering cloud engineering and managed services.

ACE is a revolutionary step forward in technology services. ACE provides your business with modular, on-demand engineering expertise, helping you maximise your return on technology investment through better planning, architecture, build and operational practices.

With Agile Cloud Engineering, customers can solve complex technology challenges and achieve operational excellence through smart planning, rapid deployment and a measured use of resources and capital. ACE provides full technology lifecycle management through a range of outcome and consulting services. From assessing existing workloads for migration, through to modernisation applications on cloud and implementing DevSecOps and CI/CD pipelines.

ACE® solves a value realisation problem.

Agile Cloud Engineering solves a persistent problem with Managed Services; value realisation. Managed Service Providers capture a monthly management fee, often in the realm of 30% to 50% of total costs, without creating recurring net-new value for the customer. This ‘black box’ of traditional management costs may disincentivise change, often extracts more value than it creates, and can hamper innovation.

With ACE, customers are empowered to define value, increase engagement to understand their strategic objectives and initiate change, guaranteeing longterm value creation.

^ISF = Infrastructure & Services Fee, a management fee billed as a percentage of infrastructure and services costs.

Purchase technology outcomes at a fixed price with Engineering Credits (EC).

Engineering Credits are an innovative new way to access technical and strategic expertise. ECs are allocated monthly and are a form of ‘capability currency’, which you spend in return for change requests, outcome based services, or to reduce the cost of pre-planned project work. Engineering Credits incentivise constant investment in technology, therefore accelerating your speed to market, improving customer experience whilst improving return on investment.

How ACE® & Engineering Credits work:

Outcomes – Scheduled engagements that have clearly defined outcomes and can be purchased using ECs from a Service Catalogue ‘menu’.
Consulting – Extra consulting services can be purchased using ECs to complete change requests or consultancy that do not fit into the scope of ‘Always On’, and to scope larger projects.
Always On – Ongoing support services that are in the category of monitoring or reactive support, included with all plans.

Comparing ACE® with traditional managed services.

ACE challenges traditional thinking around Managed Services with a new price transparency model. No longer are you expected to pay a high management fee for access to essential incident response and monitoring services. The Modular nature of ACE allows for more cost-conscious and efficient investment into your technology strategy. Added to this is a low response SLA and around the clock infrastructure monitoring, providing assurance and a risk-minimal strategy for your cloud operations.

“The future of cloud lies in the delivery of next-gen services that will help our customer’s customer innovate on AWS. Engineering services are central to this and we believe Anchor’s new ACE® offering is innovative and will see a high demand in Australia. We are looking forward to working with partners like Anchor and supporting the creation and expansion of its new engineering services.”

Adam Beavis, Head of ISV & DNB, APAC and Japan at Amazon Web Services



0 ECs1

Included Monthly

$0 / mo

Subscription Fee⁶

+ Infrastructure &
Services Fee2,3

Included Services:
• Infrastructure Monitoring
• 24×7 Incident Response
• 15 Minute Response SLA
• O/S Patch Management

Additional EC Packs4/6:
• 5 ECs – $3,900
• 10 ECs – $7,800
• 20 ECs – $15,600


5 ECs

Included Monthly

$2,650 / mo

Subscription Fee

+ Infrastructure &
Services Fee

As per Bronze, plus:
• Change Management
• Application Performance
Monitoring and Insights5
• Engineering Credits (5)

Additional EC Packs:
• 5 ECs – $2,700
• 10 ECs – $5,400
• 20 ECs – $10,800


12 ECs

Included Monthly

$5,500 / mo

Subscription Fee

+ Infrastructure &
Services Fee

As per Silver, plus:
• Technical Acct. Manager
• Engineering Credits (12)

Additional EC Packs:
• 5 ECs – $2,600
• 10 ECs – $5,200
• 20 ECs – $10,400


25 ECs

Included Monthly

$11,000 / mo

Subscription Fee

+ Infrastructure &
Services Fee

As per Gold, plus:
• Account Architect
• Engineering Credits (25)

Additional EC Packs:
• 5 ECs – $2,400
• 10 ECs – $4,800
• 20 ECs – $9,600

1. Engineering Credits (ECs) included with a plan expire at the end of each calendar month.
2. ISF = Infrastructure & Services Fee, a management fee billed as a percentage of infrastructure and services costs.
3. On the Bronze plan, the Infrastructure and Services Fee (ISF) includes a $500 minimum.
4. Engineering Credits purchased through Additional EC Packs expire after 90 days.
5. Costs associated for third-party software required to deliver these services is passed through to the customer.
6. Prices are exclusive of GST.

Outcome Rates

ECs are allocated monthly on Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. ECs are a form of ‘capability currency’, which a customer can spend in return for change management or outcome based services like below.

Well Architected5 ECs5 ECs5 ECs
Design & Build12 ECs25 ECs35 ECs
Pre-Architected10 ECs20 ECs30 ECs
Savings Plan6 ECs14 ECs24 ECs

Consulting Rates

For Change Management and Consulting services. Fractional EC usage is available, for example 0.5 ECs for small Change Management requests.

  • Cloud Engineer — 3 ECs / day
  • DevOps Engineer — 3 ECs / day
  • Delivery Manager — 3.5 ECs / day
  • Lead Engineer — 4 ECs / day
  • Architect — 4 ECs / day
  • Principal Architect 5 EC / day

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Download ACE® Solution Brief (PDF)


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Why partnering with Anchor is the smart technology decision.

Comprehensive management of your AWS environments means your organisation is free to focus on what important; development, customer experience and innovation. As you run your business and IT with more agility, Anchor’s engineers take care of everything else. Think of us as a responsive, expert engineering and operations team — we understand that we share a joint responsibility for the success of an application and business, not simply the management of the infrastructure. Our people, process and security practices help you achieve your organisational targets, while meeting compliance requirements and lowering risk.

Customer Testimonials


"After a few conversations, it was clear Anchor was a phenomenal fit for TestFlight. We would love to take credit for everything but the reality is that Anchor brought a wealth of experience to the table. They took our stack, analysed it and came up with a plan of attack which involved some fantastic technologies only well-bearded individuals should touch."

Trystan Kosmynka – Co-Founder and CTO, TestFlight

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"We’ve been working with the Anchor team for over ten years and are impressed with their technical ability and understanding of just how important a website is to an online retailer – it isn’t just part of our business, it is our business. Over the years they’ve been able to scale and grow out the infrastructure in a way that has really supported Booktopia."

Steven Traurig – Director, Booktopia

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"Professional service from real-world techs that know what they're talking about. Anchor are a team that you and pick up the phone and talk/brainstorm a solution. They follow up and offer great emergency support with access to AWS engineers if required. Good old fashion service, which is hard to find."

Angus Keech - CEO Touchpoint Global

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"Knowledgeable, prompt in their response and can rely on them for resolution."

Lars Jensen - Director of Technology Architecture, Our Community

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"Anchor is the most reliable and experienced managed hosting provider we have ever worked with."

Tom Mei - IT Technical Manager, Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Children's Foundation


"We've been using Anchor now for a number of years to manage our infrastructure. They are great at day to day monitoring and maintenance of our AWS services, and they are also good when it comes to assisting us with one off infrastructure projects. The individual support people I've worked with have been great personally and professionally."



"I would strongly recommend Anchor and have in fact recommended them to several colleagues. Anchor has built us a modern, scalable infrastructure for our environment that has allowed our business to grow. They've helped us identify areas of our application that required performance optimisation and have been able to assist with recommendations to meet our compliance requirements."

Eric Robert - Simple Clinic

Simple Clinic


We couldn’t be more impressed with the managed services from Anchor. They have provided rock solid support with quick response times and are always willing to help advise recommendations where necessary. We would recommend Anchor to anyone in need of quality cloud engineering services."

Brendan Ryan - Infiniti Telecommunications

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"Working with Anchor has been consistent with their expert advice, reliability and overall assistance to our business."

Afroz Ali - 4D Systems

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