We found Anchor by researching scalability and load balancer best practices. We have people all over the world, so we thought why not work with an epic team in Sydney who really know their stuff. 

– Trystan Kosmynka – Co-Founder and CTO, TestFlight

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Outsource — or insource — Amazon Web Services support, management, consulting & automation expertise.

Comprehensive management of your AWS environments, with 24x7x365 monitoring and incident response, freeing your team to focus on development.

Anchor’s managed services have been designed to meet the needs of Agile development teams, so while technically outsourced, you’ll come to see that we operate just like an extension of your team.

Think of us as your responsive, expert Agile Ops team — we understand that we share a joint responsibility for the success of your application, not simply the management of your infrastructure.

And unlike other providers, our management fees aren’t calculated as a percentage of your AWS spend — we don’t feel this incentivises the right behaviour. We’re determined to keep your costs to a minimum and our AWS plans and pricing structure reflects this.

We’ll take the pain away of managing your production apps

Your frontline 24×7 incident response team | Secure and stable production environments | Performance optimisation | AWS spend optimisation

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Augment your internal Agile Scrum team with a dedicated Anchor AWS professional, providing expertise and advice — helping you to make your DevOps transition from the very first sprint.

DevOps is a new and improved approach to software development which brings Dev and Ops together, not just at deployment time but all through the development cycle.

Doing so ensures that considerations such as security, scalability, deployment automation, database performance and application architecture are considered and baked into your web application from the very start.

What we can help you achieve

Consistent environments | Streamlined deployments | Increased Scrum team velocity | Improved App Performance | Increased Stability & Security

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Perfect for:
  • Web Developers
  • Agile Developers
  • Scrum Teams
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Business Owners
  • eCommerce Agencies
  • Online Retailers

Don’t sweat the 3am wake up, we’ll handle it.

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DevOps automation & transformation

Anchor’s new AWS-based automation & consulting services are designed to satisfy the needs of Agile Development teams — especially those teams wanting to take a DevOps approach to software development. From a project’s inception, we will integrate into your Scrum team to provide AWS infrastructure & code deployment automation and application architecture design — building support for features such as environment cloning or auto scaling into your application from day one.

Embedding one of Anchor’s experienced cloud operations specialists into your team is a radical departure from the way in which you’re used to working with your managed services provider. We’ll share the responsibility for your project’s success, providing demonstrable value, reducing risk, simplifying deployments & helping to increase your team’s velocity – for less than the cost of hiring your own full time employees.

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AWS Cost Optimisation Engine

AWS usage costs can quickly spiral out of control without close and careful attention.

To both minimise your costs and maximise the efficient use of resources within your AWS account, Anchor can provide a powerful cost optimisation service which constantly scans for inefficiencies in your AWS account and recommends actions for retaining the most lean, cost-efficient deployment possible.

This is done through right-sizing of under-utilised resources, detection and termination of idle resources, and actionable recommendations — such as buying or modifying Reserved Instances.

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