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Don’t let downtime get you down – Continuous Delivery for Magento


Having problems scaling your store?

Built on AWS, Fleet is an auto-scaling Magento Cloud that abstracts away the complexity of the underlying server infrastructure and lets you test and deploy your code continuously, reliably, with zero downtime.


'Git push' updated code in your version control system. Fleet will automatically prepare a ‘release’ (an immutable Magento application server image with your code baked in) ready for deployment.


A single command deploys the new release onto brand new, auto-scaling & self-healing application servers in one of your running environments—ready to take over from the old release.


Activating the new release will direct traffic from your previous release to the new one, seamlessly transferring each user’s active sessions. This all happens with zero downtime.

Looking for greater competitive advantage? We can help. Ask Us How

If you’re an online retailer, Fleet gives you an unfair competitive advantage.

Not all Magento hosting is equal. Fleet is a game changer for online retailers serious about owning their markets.

  • Fleet virtually eliminates downtime and allows you to deliver new features faster, and more reliably, than your competitors
  • Fleet takes the pain out of deploying new code into production
  • Fleet makes Magento performance testing safe and simple
  • It works with Magento Community and Enterprise editions, V1.x or 2.x
  • Fleet can be deployed to any AWS Region in the world
  • Supported 24x7x365
  • No lock-in, simple month-to-month agreement
  • Give it a try today, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain
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