Using Filters to Create & Save a Report and Scheduling Reports using Subscriptions

2. In this example we’re saving a report of costs associated specifically with an account’s CloudFront costs over a three month period. Navigate to Reports > Cost > History then select FILTERS: in the upper left quadrant of the screen.

3. Modify the filters by clicking the + icon next to AWS Services then select the boxes under the header Amazon CloudFront – Direct

From the FILTERS drop-down, you can also use Search 🔍 to locate a filter

4. Click the + icon next to Months and select the months you’d like to see before clicking UPDATE

5. In the upper right quadrant select the ACTIONS drop-down menu then click Save As 

6. To save a report and configure it be generated on a schedule, create a Subscription to this report by clicking SUBSCRIBE next to the ACTIONS drop-down menu and selecting New Subscription

7. Configure the frequency, notification type and customise the contents of the report CloudHealth will generate after selecting SAVE REPORT