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Wireless IP KVM mk II

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If you have been following this blog for a while you might have seen my previous article on the portable, wireless IP kvm that we constructed a while back for datacentre use. This has proven to be an invaluable tool for remotely accessing machines instantly, in fact so invaluable that contention for its use frequently causes consternation. When I completed the last device, I made a list of how it could be improved in a future revision so when I decided we needed a new one, I thought I’d take care of some of the improvements I had planned. To refresh your memory: remove covers of internal components to reduce space requirements and improve cooling align the wireless antennae in the middle of the case so cables from the wireless…

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A Portable Wireless IP KVM Solution

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If you have hundreds of dedicated servers in a remote datacentre, and a need to operate on the console of some of those servers on a semi-regular basis (and I KNOW you do), then you’ll understand the frustration of having to physically put someone in front of those machines. You need to take into account travel time, and waiting time while the server is doing anything until the next point it requires input from the human. This can all be very frustrating and time wasting, since whoever is designated to operate the console is taken away from their regular tasks, and datacentres being what they are it is unlikely they’ll be able to make the best use of their time by multi-tasking with other jobs. Enter the Wireless IPKVM. No…

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