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How Important is Hosting Location? Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider

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The importance of your hosting partner location will depend on your organisation’s requirements and your business needs. For a small business focussed on a single country with fairly low traffic, starting with shared hosting, or small virtual private server is generally the most cost effective place to host your site.  Hosting your site or web application in the same geographical location as your website visitors reduces page load times and latency (the lag between requesting data and receiving it) and will greatly improve user experience. If you are running a business critical website or ecommerce application, or have customers or visitors from various global locations, then incorrectly placing your website in an unsuitably located data centre will cost you much more than a monthly hosting fee! Does the Location of My Hosting…

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Can Web Hosting be “Australian Made”?

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This morning as I made my way up the escalators from Wynard station in the city something caught my eye that had kind of been on my mind this last week. It was the very well recognised Australian Made logo, only it was tattooed on a young girls arm. As proud an Aussie as I am, and admittedly not the tattoo type of person, and as cool as it did look it was hard to avoid the cliched “she’ll regret that one day” thoughts. The tattoo experience got me thinking though, can web hosting be Australian Made? and what is the real difference between Australian hosting and overseas hosting? As an Australian based provider we obviously only use Australian labour, that’s a big part of what we do. Our offices…

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