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Anchor’s US POP Goes Live

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We are pleased to announce that Anchor has now completed the installation, configuration and extensive testing through a beta program of web server equipment in a facility managed by Equinix in Los Angeles. We believe this to be a first of its kind for an Australian hosting company. What makes this different to other offerings is that Anchor has a real presence on the ground in the US, we’re incorporated in the US, we have our own technical staff in the US, we have own our servers, we control the networks. Most importantly we’ve minimised the number of upstream suppliers so if somethings not working we can fix it. One of the most exciting aspects of this project for us has been watching the systems developed and experienced gained over…

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Signups open for beta test of Anchor’s US presence

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Good news, everyone! Anchor’s US hosting infrastructure is ready for business. We’re not so brazen/na├»ve as to think that it’s perfect, but we’re pretty damned confident that it’s ready to go. This is where you come in. Starting in the first week of December, we want to give you a free VPS for three months and see how you like it. We want you to use it, a lot, and we’re not charging for anything – not for the server, not for the bandwidth, nothing. It’s the legendary Anchor products and service, for free. The server comes sans-management, so you’ve got root and are welcome to run whatever you like on them. If this sounds like your idea of fun, APPLY ONLINE NOW to let us know you’d like to…

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Dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 as standard on new US deployments

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The focus for this post is obviously about our IPv6 deployment plans, but I’d like to take a small detour through our US presence on the way there. Anchor’s networking and automation gurus have been hard at work preparing our new kit over in the US, and the day we go live is fast approaching. In the process we’ve had literally zero personal presence over there, not one plane ticket was bought. That we can get away with this is mostly thanks to two things: Equinix and DRACs (Dell’s remote-management interface). Equinix One of the reasons we went with Equinix is their high level of support, which goes nicely with Anchor’s approach to business. The servers were dropshipped direct to the LA3 datacentre where staff unpacked them and racked them…

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US POP: Data Centre Facility Selection Process Complete

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After our usual negotiation process, it is with great pleasure to announce the Anchor has decided to partner with Equinix for data centre services in North America. With over 98 data centres world-wide, Equinix are probably one of the most mature data centre vendors on the planet. Given the extra advantage of having a presence here in Sydney where they’ve recently opened up their new facility – SY3 it was an easy selection as it also gave us direct access to Australian sales saff, based on local time zones. The specific facility which we will be operating out of is their LA3 facility which is based within 3 miles of LAX, which makes it very accessible in the event that we need to physically attend the site. Initially we will…

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