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What is cloud storage?

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Storage ain’t storage anymore – not in the world of web hosting anyway. Long gone are the days of servers writing to locally installed hard disks; cloud storage is abstracted from the physical server itself, instead residing on a high-speed network of distributed storage clusters. These clusters contain gazillions of hard drives which automatically replicate your data between different nodes for safety, scalability, performance and ease of management. Storage can be consumed using one or more different interfaces depending on its suitability to the task at hand. Anchor’s distributed storage system is built using Ceph – and we love its speed, flexibility and industry leading reliability. Here’s an overview of the different ways in which Anchor’s storage platform can be consumed and why you might use one interface over the…

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The dust settles on Anchor’s first Hackfest

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We’re currently in the process of beta-testing RADOS Gateway with a view to producing a viable product, it’s an S3-compatible cloud storage solution. We’ve done a good amount of smoketesting and turned up our fair share of buggy behaviour, but what it really needs is a good shakedown. Thus, Anchor’s first hackfest was held last Friday to show off what can be done with our deployment of RADOS Gateway, named Trove, and see if it really shines. We wanted to keep things fairly low key for a first-attempt hackfest, so we only invited a small number of staff and their geeky friends, and put together several programming teams. Hackfests are generally pretty freeform and light on restrictions, which is how we ran it. The rules: Build anything you want, though…

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