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Awesome but often unknown Linux commands and tools

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I’ve been working in this industry for a while now and naturally spend a lot of time using Linux on a daily basis. This gives lots of exposure to various Linux commands and tools. That said, I am sometimes surprised when I see, often very experienced system administrators, using somewhat convoluted commands to do something relatively simple using a different tool. This is my opportunity to share some of these experiences: 1. pgrep and pkill – The first command ‘pgrep’ will return the process id based on a name or other attributes. pkill will signal a process with a matching name or attribute. Want to kill all processes being run by a given user? Issue a pkill -U USERNAME; sure beats the hell out of: ps -U USERNAME | awk…

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View from the top

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The venerable (and still exceedingly useful) top tool is immensely useful for seeing who is consuming all your CPU and memory. However, it’s not so good on showing who is eating your disk IO, or network bandwidth. Unsurprisingly, people have run with the top concept and produced a wide range of other tools: iotop, to show the consumption of disk IO (which we’ve previously covered in detail); iftop, for your network; htop, an enhanced top with bargraphs and other “Sysadmin 2.0” features; mytop, for when there are queries that are killing your MySQL server. All top tools, and worthy of a look. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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