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Noop I/O scheduling with SSD storage

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Solid State Drives (SSDs) are not new in the server world, but they’re seen a somewhat limited takeup due to their high cost per gigabyte of storage. This has been changing as prices continue to drop, and we’re now at the point where SSDs represent a viable option for primary storage of high-value data that is read and written heavily. While SSDs are a drop-in replacement for traditional hard drives (HDDs) when it comes to servers, their behaviour and performance characteristics are fundamentally different. This means that the disk-access scheduling algorithms that we’ve developed over time, originally designed for rotational media, simply don’t work for SSDs. We recently observed some interesting behaviour as a result of changing disk access schedulers, which we thought we’d share with you here. The difference…

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Secure encrypted storage for your hosted server, VM, VPS, cloud server or $BUZZ_WORD

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So you’ve just provisioned your shiny new OS instance with your host of choice, loaded in your confidential data and away you go without a worry in the world right? If your data consists only of captioned photos of cute furry animals, then all is well. Perhaps however, your data is worth just a wee bit more than that (not that we don’t ♥ cute furry animals!). Depending on your host and product used, your data could be sitting on anywhere from locally attached disks, a NAS/SAN or some clustered distributed block device/filesystem with no way to easily determine who has access to it, what snapshots exist, what will happen to failed media, etc. For certain customers with certain sensitive applications, that is simply not an acceptable risk. To protect your data…

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