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Anchor Presenting at DevOps Meetup – Thursday September 15th

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Just a short post to let you all know that Anchor’s David Basden and Chris Collins will be presenting their software which is being used in our on-going projects to automate everything relating to Anchor dedicated server builds. The software, which has been released as open source on github as was discussed in brief in the previously two blog posts The automation waltz and Automate all the things. The event will be held at 7pm, next Thursday, 15th September at the Orient in Sydney and will give you the fantastic opportunity to have a beer and chat with the authors of the software as well as like minded people with both developer and systemadmin backgrounds. Comprehensive details as well as registration for the meetup can be found at September DevOps…

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You can’t walk two metres down the street without someone going on about how cool and hip “The Cloud” is these days, being able to spin up hundreds of identical Linux VMs easily. Tools to build and configure lots of identical systems or VMs are plentiful. But what if there is no “standard build” or even anything close, with different hardware, networking, software, distro, services, firewalls etc. every time, but you don’t want to spend all your time doing custom server builds and configuration? Being a provider that specialises in customised hosting solutions, not only do most of our server builds have custom requirements, but we also have to configure lots of our own internal systems to deal with the eccentricities of each new server that we bring up. We…

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