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Cloud Servers – cheap, fast & reliable?

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One of the things the cloud has taught us over the past few years is to expect outages. Lots of them. Many of those outages have been pretty big! This is because in the world of public cloud (aka. Infrastructure as a Service), running servers in reliable, physical data centres has been replaced with a new concept; that of running cloud servers in Availability Zones. Which is fine, so long as you understand the implications and can configure your website or application to operate optimally in this type of environment. Don’t get me wrong, cloud servers have a lot going for them. It’s just that while they solve many problems, they also introduce a few biggies of their own and you really should be across the pros and cons before jumping on the…

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Turbocharging work queues for TestFlight

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We’ve recently been hard at work helping TestFlight scale up their operations. They do a lot of heavy lifting with redis, celery and mysql so most of the work centres around finding and eliminating bottlenecks. The biggest gains have come from optimising their use of mysql from the worker processes’ standpoint, resulting in a three-fold improvement in throughput. If you’re interested, have a look at TestFlight’s case study. It’s one part of the overall improvements that we’re pushing but it’s a great return for a small investment, which makes it worth noting. There’s also plenty more on the horizon for them, which we’re excited about. 🙂

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Your Magento store + Anchor = ?

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A little bit of horn-blowing, the correct answer is of course “a winning combination”. 🙂 We often find ourselves bothered by PHP instead of being hot-and-bothered, but Magento is a pretty well-engineered app. It’s got solid documentation (a godsend), and while it’s very resource intensive if you’re a $5-a-month hosting customer, it’s clear they’ve given a lot of thought to scalability for running a serious online shop. Scalability? Yes please! If you’re interested in that sort of thing, we recently published a little case study about our friends at Games Paradise, and how we helped them gear up for the Christmas season. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about (in a pretty little graph): Games Paradise isn’t the only one, mind you. We’ve also helped other customers…

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The Myth of Infinite Cloud Scalability

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Recently, I read an article from a fairly prominent “cloud computing” vendor, which contained a line that basically said “Let the cloud worry about your scalability and performance problems”. I nearly snorted my late-mid-morning can of mother out my nose when I read it. Here’s why. “Let the cloud worry about your scalability” is nothing more than a thinly disguised version of “just throw more hardware at it”. This is a “solution” beloved of salespeople everywhere, because it’s plausible, real easy to say, and makes a whole pile more money for the company providing the hardware. However, while it can be an appropriate solution in the right circumstances, and with appropriate evidence of its effectiveness in those particular circumstances, it usually isn’t the only option, it often isn’t the best…

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