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A little news on backups and why they matter

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One of our sysadmins has been cleaning up and auditing our backups recently, and we thought we’d look at some of the numbers involved and how they’ve changed over time. Several years ago we used tapes exclusively, and they were always taken offsite. We don’t have the numbers from that time, but every fully-managed server came with backups included. AMANDA is still our backup software of choice and it’s been a reliable system for many years. That said, tapes aren’t really a good match for many of our customers’ needs, and the costs can be prohibitive. That’s why we developed our onsite disk-based backup solution. As well as being able to offer large amounts of storage at a much lower cost to the customer, the experience is actually better because…

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Elegantly reverting unintentional LVM changes

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This is the first in a series of articles we’ll eventually publish about various interesting tricks relating to LVM – the Linux Logical Volume Manager. Stay tuned for more coverage. Occasionally you find yourself having committed a change to LVM (e.g. extending a logical volume, removing a logical volume, etc.) that you didn’t intend to make. In some cases, it’s possible to revert the change by simply performing the opposite action (e.g. lvextend with a positive offset after an unintentional lvreduce). This is by no means elegant, but it almost always works. However, there are unintentional changes which can’t be elegantly reverted in this fashion. For instance, assume I have a logical volume foo split across multiple physical segments: [email protected]:~# lvdisplay -m — Logical volume — LV Name                /dev/cyllene/foo LV…

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