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Rebuilding An OpenStack Instance and Keeping the Same Fixed IP

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OpenStack and in particular the compute service, Nova, has a useful rebuild function that allows you to rebuild an instance from a fresh image while maintaining the same fixed and floating IP addresses, amongst other metadata. However if you have a shared storage back end, such as Ceph, you’re out of luck as this function is not for you. Fortunately, there is another way. Prepare for the Rebuild: Note the fixed IP address of the instance that you wish to rebuild and the network ID: $ nova show demoinstance0 | grep network | DemoTutorial network |, | $ export FIXED_IP= $ neutron floatingip-list | grep | ee7ecd21-bd93-4f89-a220-b00b04ef6753 | | | $ export FLOATIP_ID=ee7ecd21-bd93-4f89-a220-b00b04ef6753 $ neutron net-show DemoTutorial | grep ” id ” | id | 9068dff2-9f7e-4a72-9607-0e1421a78d0d…

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