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Reduce Linux VPS/VM guest memory usage

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Reducing the memory usage in your VPS/VM can be a great way to free up some resources to handle more requests, users or some other metric of win. By default at Anchor we provision our Red Hat & Cent OS VPS servers with a trim memory usage profile by disabling a lot of unneeded services at install time. We do this by using Trogdor (our hardware/software burninator) and Puppet. So just what services do we disable, if they exist on the new VPS? gpm netfs pcmcia sgi_fam yum-updatesd pcscd rhnsd xfs hald hcid or sdpd hpiod or hpssd.py dbus-daemon cupsd You can also reap performance gains by changing how you serve content. For example you can use a cut down high performance web server (nginx or lighttpd) to serve all…

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Winning the war on PHP memory leakage

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One of our dedicated server customers recently had a problem with the machine keeling over and dying for a few days in a row, for no apparent reason. This necessitated a remote reboot of the server to get it running again (we cut the power to both power supplies for a few seconds). The immediate suspicion was faulty hardware, but this should rarely be the case as we put our hardware through a thorough “burn in” period before it’s ever deployed. In addition to this, it was happening pretty regularly in the middle of the day. After spotting this pattern, a quick look at our trending graphs showed us the problem very clearly. The machine was steadily using all available physical memory. Once this ran out, the system starts pushing…

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