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Second strike with Lightning!

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We put Kyoto Cabinet under the gun recently as a means to improve Redis. The Anchor Propulsion/Internet Laboratory validated Kyoto Cabinet as “fresh”, but extended live testing has revealed sub-optimal behaviour in some situations. To recap, we used Kyoto Cabinet to give Redis near-realtime disk persistence with a greatly reduced memory footprint; we called this “NDS” and published the code. Dirty keys are flushed from memory periodically into Kyoto Cabinet’s backing store. This works fantastically most of the time, but we’ve discovered that some operations cause a massive blowout in the on-disk files. Kyoto Cabinet is a key-value store. When you update a value in Kyoto Cabinet it can be rewritten in-place, unless the new value is longer than the old one. In this case, Kyoto Cabinet makes a new…

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