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IPv6 Implementors Conference

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I was dropped a quick note by one of the speakers at the IPv6 Implementors Conference which is being hosted by Google – http://sites.google.com/site/ipv6implementors/conference2009/ Sadly I had no idea this conference was on, as it looks like a valuable opportunity to learn about IPv6 and the progress it is making in the wild. I did get a couple of handy tips about how to improve our implementation plan though so not all was lost. If you are attending this conference, you are more than welcome to leave comments on this blog post with your learnings – or even link to your own site – the more the merrier.

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The 800lb Gorilla Knows Where Your Website Lives

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If you run a website for commercial purposes, you know that the only way it’s going to provide you with benefit is if people actually visit it. Regardless of what sort of site it is (brochure, company promotion, online store, etc), if nobody’s actually loading the pages, your site may as well not exist. One way or another, you need to drive people to your site. There are many different ways to get people to visit your site, and different strategies work for different sites. TV advertising, for example, has become popular in the last couple of years, to entice people to just visit the site. Other traditional forms of advertising, as well as online banner or text ads, are also popular. Putting your website name on your stationary and…

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nsscache and LDAP reliability

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Any company with multiple servers in their authentication domain will know of LDAP. Sadly on the Linux platform, OpenLDAP (although arguably the most widely used and well known of the few LDAP servers available) is still not particularly reliable, especially when it comes to replication. The overheads involved in querying even a local OpenLDAP server are much higher than, say, the plaintext files such as /etc/passwd. Enter nsscache. Created by two boffins at Google (one of whom graduated from Anchor Systems), nsscache gives the reliability and speed of plaintext files (or BDB if you desire) and the scalability of OpenLDAP. Anchor recently started using it and we are confident it will dramatically boost the reliability and lookup speed of all of our LDAP systems. In terms of performance, we are…

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