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Anchor’s new Sydney datacentre presence coming online

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Our network admin and ops manager were loading hardware into boxes last night before leaving the office. This is somewhat unusual, so I grabbed them to find out what was happening before they escaped. “We’re off to install SYD3” It’s finally here! We’ve been talking about it for a while, and now it’s imminent. We’ve picked up some space in Equinix’s shiny new SY3 datacentre, which is going to be a beachhead for Anchor’s expansion plans. Opening the SYD3 point of presence (POP) is a strategic maneuver. Connectivity will initially be a dark fibre to SYD1, essentially making SYD3 a remote territory that, at the network layer, will be fully internal to SYD1. Once things are settled in, SYD3 will light up with local transit providers and start doing fully…

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Anchor’s New Colocation Fit Out – Stage One

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Anchor’s colocation requirements have been growing steadily over the past few years, so we’ve recently taken the plunge to significantly increase our total datacentre floor space which will allow for many new racks. At this point we’re in the early stages of fitting out the suite, so we thought it an ideal chance to give our readers some insight into the process of fitting out a data centre. The plan is to produce a new blog post for each step; and, of course, take plenty of pretty pictures along the way! You can see above a few of the shiny new extra-wide racks that have already been delivered. The keen-eyed might also be able to see the tape marking the locations of the first few racks to be powered up…

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