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Say Hello to the New Atlassian

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Who is Atlassian? Atlassian is an Australian IT company that develops enterprise software, with its best-known products being its issue-tracking app, Jira, and team collaboration and wiki product, Confluence. In December 2015, Atlassian went public and made their initial public offering (IPO) under the symbol TEAM, valuing them at $4.37 billion. In summary, they big. What happened? A facelift It’s a nice sunny day in Sydney in mid-September of 2017, and Atlassian, after 15 years of consistency, has rebranded, changing their look and feel for a brighter and funner one, compared to the dreary previous look.It’s a hell of a lot simpler and, as they show in the above video, it’s going to be used with a lot more creativity and flair in mind—it’s flexible in a sense that they…

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Improving your quality of life with Oracle

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Not content to take Oracle lying down, we’ve made a couple of small changes on our systems to make life a little saner. The first is a substantial improvement to the default initscript, the second is some shell/environment hacks that should really be done by default. I alluded to these a few posts ago, but hadn’t gotten to publishing them yet. If you’re a poor sod that has to use Oracle, head over and have a look at the improvements, feedback is always welcome (it might not be perfect, but it’s a lot better). In the interests of not being acquired by Oracle Corp, we’re publishing a diff to the initscript, rather than the full file.

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Oracle, why dost thou sucketh so prodigiously?

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We’ve picked up a few larger contracts recently. In such cases the customer has been around for a while, which means they have a legacy app that needs to be supported. This is something we can handle – we specialise in tailored solutions that help leverage your existing assets while synergising with your expanding customer base, to enhance ROI and… oh where was I? Yeah, so we’ve got customers that want Oracle installed. As I expect you know, Oracle has a long history of being enterprisey, seeing a lot of use on Big Iron hardware. It’s usable on cheap x86 hardware now, and there’s even a free edition if you want to play with it yourself (named Express Edition, much like MS SQL Server). The merits of having a toy-sized…

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