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Dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 as standard on new US deployments

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The focus for this post is obviously about our IPv6 deployment plans, but I’d like to take a small detour through our US presence on the way there. Anchor’s networking and automation gurus have been hard at work preparing our new kit over in the US, and the day we go live is fast approaching. In the process we’ve had literally zero personal presence over there, not one plane ticket was bought. That we can get away with this is mostly thanks to two things: Equinix and DRACs (Dell’s remote-management interface). Equinix One of the reasons we went with Equinix is their high level of support, which goes nicely with Anchor’s approach to business. The servers were dropshipped direct to the LA3 datacentre where staff unpacked them and racked them…

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Evil hack to make arrow and SysReq keys work with a Dell iDRAC KVM and Linux desktop

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So you’re trying to use the arrow keys in a remote server console with the iDRAC KVM. The keys not working and it’s driving you mad? Or perhaps that mission critical server is experiencing pain and you need to make use of the magic sysrq key to debug it? Unfortunately, for a long long time, this has not worked if you are using Linux on your desktop. Making it work Just follow the steps below and you should be good to go. Download┬áidrac.tar and unpack it: wget ´╗┐http://www.anchor.com.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/idrac.tar tar xvf idrac.tar Build and install it: cd idrac make make install All done! It should take effect the next time you launch a virtual console. If you want to make use of magic SysReq, make sure that it is disabled on…

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