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DNS records and DNS management – an overview

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Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction states that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – a fair description of the elation you feel when after hours of stumbling around in the dark you finally fluke the right DNS configuration change and BAM! – your blog, website, mail server or load balancer suddenly springs into life. Well, that’s true for me anyway! DNS (or the Domain Name System) can be a complicated beastie if you’re not working with it day in and day out; it is however an essential building block that makes the Internet possible and if you have ever tried to get a website online you’ll have had to muck about with DNS records at some point in your life (and probably will again!). The role…

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Geographically redundant fourth nameserver now online

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As part of our recent expansion to the US, we’ve brought up another DNS nameserver for domains hosted by Anchor, “ns4” colloquially or “ns4.anchor.net.au” in full. ns4 lives in a separate chunk of IP address space and is physically located in our Los Angeles PoP. What this means for you is that while DNS problems are very rare, a little redundancy is never a bad thing. And you can have some, today! ns4 will act as an authoritative nameserver for your domain if the primary hosting is with Anchor. Because DNS delegation and hosting are handled separately, existing services won’t change – ns4 won’t be used without explicit modifications to a domain’s delegation. If you’re interested in diversifying your DNS hosting, get in touch by dropping us a mail or…

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Geographically Redundant DNS is now available

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Up until recently we’ve done all DNS hosting locally in Australia on our multi-homed network. Historically, this has been more than satisfactory for the vast majority of our clients. When the DNS is, for the most part, only pointing to other hosts on your own network then there isn’t a huge amount of gain from having DNS servers on the other side of the world pointing all the records back to the Australian hosts on the Anchor network. In recent times this has changed somewhat with us getting involved in the remote management of hosting services around the world. With that in mind, announcing our US-based authoritative nameserver: ns3.anchor.net.au This host is being provided in addition to our existing name servers (ns1.anchor.net.au & ns2.anchor.net.au) and is available for all clients…

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