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Anchor launches new managed hosting services on AWS

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Collaboration reflects transformation for Anchor’s cloud hosting model Sydney, Australia, March 3, 2015 – Anchor, the hosting heavyweight behind some of Australia’s biggest online retailers, has announced a range of new cloud hosting products and services on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The first new Anchor service to be made available on AWS is a new management tier – DevOps Automation – bridging the gap between operations and software development teams. Static websites have given way to complex, feature-rich web apps that require constant updating and enhancement. Some major retailers are already deploying new code into production at an incredible pace, in some cases up to fifty times a day, compared with just once or twice a month previously. This is due to new development methodologies such as “Continuous Delivery”, resulting in real…

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Brace yourselves, Devops Downunder is coming

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Devops Downunder is just two weeks away now, and Anchor is excited to be a gold sponsor. In addition to being a sponsor, our very own Geek Supreme Matt Palmer will be speaking. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that we love us some APIs, and Matt will be talking all about building a service-oriented architecture from them. Devops is about bringing together the best parts of software development and professional operations. We can guarantee that there’ll be smart minds in abundance at Devops Downunder, so whichever side of the fence you’re from there are shoulders worth rubbing. Still not convinced? Anchorites will be in attendance, and you know we’re good for a yarn over some refreshments. 😀 Devops Downunder is on the week after next, Friday and Saturday…

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Anchor Presenting at DevOps Meetup – Thursday September 15th

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Just a short post to let you all know that Anchor’s David Basden and Chris Collins will be presenting their software which is being used in our on-going projects to automate everything relating to Anchor dedicated server builds. The software, which has been released as open source on github as was discussed in brief in the previously two blog posts The automation waltz and Automate all the things. The event will be held at 7pm, next Thursday, 15th September at the Orient in Sydney and will give you the fantastic opportunity to have a beer and chat with the authors of the software as well as like minded people with both developer and systemadmin backgrounds. Comprehensive details as well as registration for the meetup can be found at September DevOps…

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Devs and SysAdmins – It is possible to live harmoniously!

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Historically, the battle lines were drawn and everyone was bracing themselves, ready for combat.. On one side, you have the Devs wanting to make a change to a production server immediately to get their new shiny feature working and the SysOps on the other side, desperate not to give an inch for fear of upsetting the uptime gods. Each party thinking to themselves: “does it really need to be this hard?” .. “Why doesn’t the other get it?” The Times They Are a-Changin’ and with it, a new fan-dangled word: DEVOPS wait! … wtf??! Devops??! Who?! What? Well.. Depending on who you ask, it means any number of things, my view is it comes down to a combination of attitude, cultural and process changes which need to be applied to…

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