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AI in the Cloud Market: AWS & Microsoft Lend a Big Hand

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Artificial intelligence (or AI) doesn’t necessarily play a big role in the current cloud hosting market, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft are looking to change that. AI is starting to grow at an alarming rate and may be a significant role-player in the near future. According to Bernie Trudel, chairman of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), AI “will become the killer application that will drive cloud computing forward”. He continues to mention that, although AI only accounts for 1% of the today’s global cloud computing market, its overall IT market share is growing at 52%, and its expected to rapidly grow to 10% of cloud revenue by 2025. Trudel made notable that, although the big players in the cloud game are currently offering AI capabilities, the cloud-based…

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A Year of OpenStack

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In late 2013 we looked around the company and asked ourselves the questions any management team has to ask: what are we doing, where do we need to be, and what’s holding us back from getting there? Because Anchor had grown organically across many years, our internal procedures for infrastructure management were spread across a number of tools that weren’t scalable and efficient enough to keep up with the demands of new sales. Furthermore, they weren’t compatible with a product-based self-serve future. There are a number of pieces to addressing that, but certainly it would be tremendously useful to have API-driven software defined infrastructure. The recommendation, universally, was that we needed to consider OpenStack. We were astonished at the degree of rigour and testing that had gone into vetting changes (since the beginning, there have been no un-gated…

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Anchor!

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2014 has been another amazing twelve months for Anchor, as well as our partners and customers. As you can see, there are now more heads than ever in our seasonal cartoon — and that’s before you count the half-dozen wonderful SysAdmins on our US support team! Anchor continues to grow rapidly to support our exciting future plans, and stand ready for an even stronger 2015. We’re continually looking for new ways to improve our services, so I’m pleased to say we have plenty of exciting developments due to launch in early next year, designed to make working with Anchor even more frictionless and rewarding. These include the full release of our OpenStack cloud and the launch of a new automated infrastructure service called Fleet that promises to change forever how…

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Cloud Servers – cheap, fast & reliable?

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One of the things the cloud has taught us over the past few years is to expect outages. Lots of them. Many of those outages have been pretty big! This is because in the world of public cloud (aka. Infrastructure as a Service), running servers in reliable, physical data centres has been replaced with a new concept; that of running cloud servers in Availability Zones. Which is fine, so long as you understand the implications and can configure your website or application to operate optimally in this type of environment. Don’t get me wrong, cloud servers have a lot going for them. It’s just that while they solve many problems, they also introduce a few biggies of their own and you really should be across the pros and cons before jumping on the…

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Anchor teams up with Amazon Web Services to provide fully managed cloud

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Anchor is pleased to announce our newly-minted relationship with Amazon as a management provider. Playing to each company’s respective strengths, the relationship showcases Anchor’s unmatched management and support, coupled with the scalability and performance of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Why Amazon? The announcement coincides with the opening of Amazon’s local presence right here in Sydney, which will provide the much-anticipated capacity and low latency that their users need. We’re big fans of the AWS model and have used it to support big customers who have very “bursty” capacity requirements. The AWS Advantage Amazon’s architecture provides systems that are flexible and suitable for use at almost any scale. Because AWS works on a usage billing model, you only pay for what you use, with no upfront commitment. As things…

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Chocks away for TestFlight!

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We pushed the big red button for TestFlight last night, they’re now up and running on our shiny new infrastructure. If you’re a TestFlight user this is already paying dividends – Trystan, their head-technical-honcho reports “Our concurrent traffic significantly increased as a result of the migration”. The taskforce we put together for this project has done a great job, and it really affirms TestFlight’s decision to come to Anchor. We found Anchor by researching scalability and load balancer best practices. We have people all over the world, so we thought why not work with an epic team in Sydney who really know their stuff. If you don’t know them, TestFlight helps iOS developers beta-test their applications. They make it easy to host and deploy the beta apps, find testers and…

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Anchor presenting at OSSPAC 2010: “Flying Blind in the Cloud”

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Jonathan Case, our resident COO here at Anchor will be presenting a talk at the upcoming OSSPAC conference in Sydney next Monday. As a special offer, I am happy to have on offer two free full day conference passes (valued at $595.00). What do you need to do to claim these? Be one of the first two people to email [email protected] and they’re yours! In addition to this Anchor also will have a booth at the expo for both Monday and Tuesday, so why not come down and say “Hi!” Without further ado, a brief synopsis of the presentation: Cloud computing is such a big and growing topic now; especially if measured by the number of conferences and presentations on this subject! It is being offered as a promise of…

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The Myth of Infinite Cloud Scalability

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Recently, I read an article from a fairly prominent “cloud computing” vendor, which contained a line that basically said “Let the cloud worry about your scalability and performance problems”. I nearly snorted my late-mid-morning can of mother out my nose when I read it. Here’s why. “Let the cloud worry about your scalability” is nothing more than a thinly disguised version of “just throw more hardware at it”. This is a “solution” beloved of salespeople everywhere, because it’s plausible, real easy to say, and makes a whole pile more money for the company providing the hardware. However, while it can be an appropriate solution in the right circumstances, and with appropriate evidence of its effectiveness in those particular circumstances, it usually isn’t the only option, it often isn’t the best…

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