A Year of OpenStack

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In late 2013 we looked around the company and asked ourselves the questions any management team has to ask: what are we doing, where do we need to be, and what’s holding us back from getting there? Because Anchor had grown organically across many years, our internal procedures for infrastructure management were spread across a number of tools […]

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Pulling apart Ceph’s CRUSH algorithm

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As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been evaluating Ceph in recent months for our petabyte-scale distributed storage needs. It’s a pretty great solution and works well, but it’s not the easiest thing to setup and administer properly. One of the bits we’ve been grappling with recently is Ceph’s CRUSH map. In certain circumstances, which aren’t entirely […]

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Bughunting in Ceph’s radosgw: ETags

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RADOS Gateway (henceforth referred to as radosgw) is an add-on component for Ceph, large-scale clustered storage now mainlined in the Linux kernel. radosgw provides an S3-compatible interface for object storage, which we’re evaluating for a future product offering. We’ve spent the last few days digging through radosgw source trying to nail a some pesky bugs. […]

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