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AI in the Cloud Market: AWS & Microsoft Lend a Big Hand

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Artificial intelligence (or AI) doesn’t necessarily play a big role in the current cloud hosting market, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft are looking to change that. AI is starting to grow at an alarming rate and may be a significant role-player in the near future. According to Bernie Trudel, chairman of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), AI “will become the killer application that will drive cloud computing forward”. He continues to mention that, although AI only accounts for 1% of the today’s global cloud computing market, its overall IT market share is growing at 52%, and its expected to rapidly grow to 10% of cloud revenue by 2025. Trudel made notable that, although the big players in the cloud game are currently offering AI capabilities, the cloud-based…

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5 Reasons Why AWS Leads the Cloud Market

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There is no doubt that in the cloud computing market, there is a lot of competition, but there is also a clear market leader. Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads the charge among other web services from similar tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google, but how did they get there and what’s taking so long for someone of the likes of Google to knock them off their pedestal? Recent research from Synergy Research shows that Amazon has a seemingly unbeatable lead. John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research, told TechCrunch that, on paper, AWS is too far ahead of any competitor trying to gain a short-term advantage. The reason behind their spectacular lead is simple: AWS was first. If you start the race before everyone else and keep at the…

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Anchor launches new managed hosting services on AWS

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Collaboration reflects transformation for Anchor’s cloud hosting model Sydney, Australia, March 3, 2015 – Anchor, the hosting heavyweight behind some of Australia’s biggest online retailers, has announced a range of new cloud hosting products and services on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The first new Anchor service to be made available on AWS is a new management tier – DevOps Automation – bridging the gap between operations and software development teams. Static websites have given way to complex, feature-rich web apps that require constant updating and enhancement. Some major retailers are already deploying new code into production at an incredible pace, in some cases up to fifty times a day, compared with just once or twice a month previously. This is due to new development methodologies such as “Continuous Delivery”, resulting in real…

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Anchor teams up with Amazon Web Services to provide fully managed cloud

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Anchor is pleased to announce our newly-minted relationship with Amazon as a management provider. Playing to each company’s respective strengths, the relationship showcases Anchor’s unmatched management and support, coupled with the scalability and performance of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Why Amazon? The announcement coincides with the opening of Amazon’s local presence right here in Sydney, which will provide the much-anticipated capacity and low latency that their users need. We’re big fans of the AWS model and have used it to support big customers who have very “bursty” capacity requirements. The AWS Advantage Amazon’s architecture provides systems that are flexible and suitable for use at almost any scale. Because AWS works on a usage billing model, you only pay for what you use, with no upfront commitment. As things…

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