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How Aussie ecommerce stores can compete with the retail giant Amazon

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The powerhouse Amazon retail store is set to launch in Australia toward the end of 2018 and Aussie ecommerce retailers need to ready themselves for the competition storm ahead. 2018 may seem a while away but getting your ecommerce site in tip top shape and ready to compete can take time. Check out these helpful hints from the Anchor crew. Speed kills If you’ve ever heard of the tale of the tortoise and the hare, the moral is that “slow and steady wins the race”. This is definitely not the place for that phrase, because if your site loads as slowly as a 1995 dial up connection, your ecommerce store will not, I repeat, will not win the race. Site speed can be impacted by a number of factors and…

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Anchor teams up with Amazon Web Services to provide fully managed cloud

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Anchor is pleased to announce our newly-minted relationship with Amazon as a management provider. Playing to each company’s respective strengths, the relationship showcases Anchor’s unmatched management and support, coupled with the scalability and performance of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Why Amazon? The announcement coincides with the opening of Amazon’s local presence right here in Sydney, which will provide the much-anticipated capacity and low latency that their users need. We’re big fans of the AWS model and have used it to support big customers who have very “bursty” capacity requirements. The AWS Advantage Amazon’s architecture provides systems that are flexible and suitable for use at almost any scale. Because AWS works on a usage billing model, you only pay for what you use, with no upfront commitment. As things…

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DHL? Shoulda flown itself here instead

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Ooh, a package from Amazon! That must be the 100 copies of Unix Network Programming that we ordered to give away to underprivileged children. Aww man, it’s just an AR Drone. 🙁 This must be the one we’re giving away at The Internet Show next week. That’s pretty cool I guess. As a bonus, Amazon also include nine metres of packing paper. Our Windows sysadmins are going to paint it up into a giant nyancat and string it around the office.

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