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New IPv6 allocation for Anchor

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As mentioned on this blog a few times before, we’re committed to getting IPv6 happening at Anchor. While the live rollout date is probably still a while away, we have at least begun making some inroads on the progress. Today we received our IPv6 allocation from APNIC: 2407:7800::/32 That equates to about 2^96 IP addresses, roughly 10^28 or 79228162514264337593543950336. Quite a mind-boggling number. We’ll continue our research, documentation, testing and will let you know when we are ready to start handing out live addresses. Until then, if you are a customer or would like to be, please let us know you are interested in IPv6, as there are still not too many hosting companies who are using it. Amazing, given IPv4 addresses will run out in a couple of years…

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New IPv4 allocation for Anchor

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Nobody is under any pretences that IPv6 will be close to 100% usage globally any time soon, so despite many entities having firm IPv6 plans or infrastructure already in place, demand for IPv4 is still strong. With that in mind, we’ve just acquired a new allocation from APNIC which will hopefully see us through until IPv6 is dominant on the Internet. This allocation is from the 110/8 class A that was allocated to APNIC in November 2008, and represents a tripling of Anchor’s current IPv4 space. We’ll be following our current strict allocation policies to ensure it is the last additional IPv4 allocation we will need, and continuing with our current IPv6 plans as all responsible entities on the Internet should be doing.

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