Why your compliance scan keeps failing

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At Anchor, a large number of our customers seek various certifications for their hosted properties. These commonly include PCI, IRAP and many others. The business drivers for undertaking a certification programme vary between customers, but often involve the need to meet some form or regulatory or industry compliance requirement. Whilst it may not be the […]

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Bugfixing KVM live migration

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Here at Anchor we really love our virtualization. Our virtualization platform of choice, KVM, lets us provide a variety of different VPS products to meet our customers’ requirements. Our KVM hosting platform has evolved considerably over the six years it’s been in operation, and we’re always looking at ways we can improve it. One important […]

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Putting OpenBSD in the cloud

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One of my recent personal interest projects was to get OpenBSD cloud images running on our OpenStack cluster. I used and extended the same pcib software we use for building our Linux images. In doing so, I learned some cool new things about OpenBSD and learned more about its limitations. Overall, I found adapting OpenBSD […]

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Round ’em up with Jessie

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A new version of the Debian operating system, version 8 (codename “Jessie”) was released over the weekend. Just as we did two years ago with Wheezy, we are now immediately offering Debian Jessie as an option for new customers. This includes our new OpenStack infrastructure, where Jessie is our recommended option for Managed Operations and […]

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