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Click Here, You Idiot

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At Anchor we’re mostly systems administrators, not web developers, so the content of the sites we host isn’t usually any of our concern. Occasionally, though, a particular site design happens to catch someone’s eye and provides a chuckle for everyone in the office. As a sort of counterpoint to our previous post about good design, there’s a certain popular… style… of website design that will probably be quite familiar to some of our readers. It’s really best described by providing a (very entertaining) example:

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Using browser search keywords

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One thing I spend a lot of my working (and playing) time with each day is my trusty web browser. Naturally I want to get things done as efficiently as possible, so it makes sense to reduce the time I need to spend on the most common tasks. One of these is searching. Traditionally, a search engine was used by typing in the site’s address or clicking a bookmark, waiting for the page to load, clicking to select the search field, typing the query, and hitting Enter. That’s two separate page loads, and a whole lot of unnecessary mouse movement and clicking or typing. More recently, browsers have started providing a built-in search box, into which you can enter a query and get results with only one page load. That’s…

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Anchor’s New Colocation Fit Out – Stage One

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Anchor’s colocation requirements have been growing steadily over the past few years, so we’ve recently taken the plunge to significantly increase our total datacentre floor space which will allow for many new racks. At this point we’re in the early stages of fitting out the suite, so we thought it an ideal chance to give our readers some insight into the process of fitting out a data centre. The plan is to produce a new blog post for each step; and, of course, take plenty of pretty pictures along the way! You can see above a few of the shiny new extra-wide racks that have already been delivered. The keen-eyed might also be able to see the tape marking the locations of the first few racks to be powered up…

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