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AppleTV Winner

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Congratulations to Alexander Stamp from CloudHerd  Alexander has won an appleTV just by visiting our booth at Tech23, which was held last week. We’re always giving away cool prizes at events, so make sure you keep an eye out for us to be in the draw to win.

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A Milky Missive from our Manufactory of Mandates leaves us Mystified as to the Murky Motives of this Mischievous Mailer!

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My! We found ourselves Momentarily Mollified by these Magnificent Mouthfuls. Marvelous! Misaddressed? Nay! Mea culpa, the Mail was Manifestly Meant to Make its way to My Merry Mates. Most odd, the Mailer Made up their Mind to keep Mum on their identity and Mask themselves behind anonymity. Monkeyed with, our Mission of discovery was Mooted – not even a Mere Majuscule on their Materials, save for the postmark of our fair capital. No Malice in their intent, thus it Matters not. These shall Make a Mean Mocha come Morning.

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The Internet Show – Give Away Congratulations

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As some of you may have noticed, either from our previous posts or attending the event, Anchor was at The Internet Show . While it wasn’t to the same scale as the expo prior to this, the enthusiasm and calibre of the attendees was fantastic. While at The Internet Show Anchor presented a talk regarding ‘Why hosting management is important to your online business‘. It was a fantastic opportunity, for US, to present the facts and benefits face to face with the next crop of online success stories. For everyone who made the effort to sit and watch (and ask questions especially!), thank you. Opportunities to interact with the public in such a candid and personal manner are few and far between. So if you were ever racked by indecision…

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Online Retailer Expo – iPad 2 Give Away Congratulations

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As mentioned in our previous post, Anchor have spent this week at the Online Retailer Expo . While we were too busy talking to attendees to catch any of the seminars, we had a smashing time! The width and breadth of online initiatives that we saw at the event (at other booths and through conversation) promises a bright future for Australian consumers. Personally we’ll be happy to get our online purchases come from a local address rather than having to deal with customs, however I digress. While at the event Anchor gave away not one, but two iPad-2s!! The allure of surfing net and media from the comfort of your couch (or really, anywhere, be it bus or bed) was great as we saw just about everyone who passed stop to drop…

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GitHub: Speed matters

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Impressions from the first article (in its first day) and the first 24 hours of the GitHub migration, have caused us at Anchor to believe that; GitHub is just as popular as we thought, The migration was worth it, as things are running much faster (just check your twitter feeds, or better yet, check your GitHub source tree for no reason 😉 ); and, People are interested in what has gone under the hood of the new GitHub (insert your favorite fast car here; otherwise lets say a roadster). Taking these three things into account, this installment will discuss why things are so much faster post migration compared to prior. I said ‘faster’ and not ‘fast’, because GitHub is now as fast as any website should be. So in comparison,…

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