Why is it vital for businesses to outsource AWS management?

October 27, 2020 AWS, Cloud Computing, General

Some of us may have learnt during 2020 that there are simply some things that one cannot DIY without proper skills and expertise. Perhaps during the pandemic lockdown, your local hairdresser was closed, and you turned to a DIY YouTube tutorial and learnt this the hardest way of all. But, even if you survived 2020 without a fringe 2 inches too short, managing AWS services is a whole other ball game that requires years of training and dedicated skill to properly deploy, manage and keep expenses under control.

As powerful as AWS is, and as much as it can do for your business, it can be all-but impossible to do it right if you have never set foot in the AWS Management console before. AWS is complex, and requires expertise to truly get the most from it. While you may be able to perform basic provisioning tasks and perhaps get a service up and running, ensuring that that service is performing optimally and cost-efficiently is where professional AWS management can truly revolutionise your infrastructure strategy and budget.

Managed AWS services is one of the largest outsourced areas of the IT industry. According to a recent Gartner forecast, almost 19% of cloud budgets are spent on cloud management-related services, such as cloud consulting, implementation, migration and managed services – with this percentage expected to increase in the next few years (and for good reason). In this article we will delve into just a few of the reasons why you’re far better off putting your AWS management in the hands of experts.

Cost Savings

Wasted cloud spend is a very common occurrence within the cloud services industry, with many cloud users not optimising costs where they can. In a 2019 report from Flexera, they measured the actual waste of cloud spending at 35 percent.

One of the most beneficial things an AWS management service provider can offer your business is ensuring that you’re only paying for what your business needs. It may save your business significantly more money in the long run, even when factoring in management fees.

Free Up Your Time

You should focus on what you and your business do best. Sure, you could put in many hours to understand as much as possible and get up and running yourself, but many businesses find that time is much better spent on focussing on your core service offerings and leaving management to your managed service provider.

On top of the initial learning curve, there is also the time investment needed for ongoing training as new AWS cloud services are released and new management tools are developed. Best practice changes very frequently, and it can be a significant undertaking to try and keep your finger on the pulse while simultaneously trying to handle every other area of your business.

Proactive Management

Ensuring that your business leverages AWS’ ability to scale and adjust depending on your current needs is essential. An AWS partner and managed service provider can help you understand your businesses needs, and adjust course as necessary to meet each new scenario.

A good example of scaling to meet current needs is the COVID-19 pandemic. The cloud services industry has seen significant growth during 2020 due to its ability to rapidly scale and support sudden growth. For example, web traffic and bandwidth requirements skyrocketed in 2020 with more people turning to eCommerce to acquire their everyday household items as well as remotely attend school and work.

Avoiding Downtime and Increasing Stability

Any number of things can happen to your hosted services, and when they do, it’s crucial that you have an experienced team on hand to tackle whatever comes your way. There’s nothing worse than hosting your mission-critical services on AWS and not having the experience to get services up and running as soon as possible when things go wrong.

A qualified AWS management team will also put best practice measures into place to improve the resilience of your configuration, and minimise the chance of anything going wrong in the first place.


When deciding what is the best course of action for your business, it’s imperative to ensure that your mission-critical cloud services are in good hands. It can be shown that in many cases, having AWS experts handle your businesses cloud needs can more than repay the associated management fees, leaving you better off both in terms of support and costs.

If you’re looking for advice on AWS cloud migration best practices, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert cloud architects today.