Magento Imagine 2016 and Magento Cloud

May 13, 2016 General, General

The Anchor Sales and Marketing Team have returned unscathed and intact from the 2016 Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas….albeit with lighter wallets as a result of living in casinos for a week.

On the back of our Platinum sponsorship in 2015, Anchor attended this years Imagine conference excited to learn more about the Magento community, upcoming changes and basically for a great excuse to catch up with our international (and local Australian) partners.


Held at the Wynn Hotel, Imagine doesn’t disappoint. Bringing together 2500+ commerce experts, merchants, agencies and technology partners across 45+ different countries, great food, people, service and events all make for a week of learning and networking – with some awesome after parties. When you’re meeting up with customers and partners poolside, beer in hand with live music, it makes discussing business topics easy. Sharing industry insights, inferring where the market is heading and getting a chance to have a drink with the guys from Magento are all part of the schedule. 


The flavour of the conference was Magento 2.0. Merchants and integrators shared their experiences with the new release in formal sessions, as well as anecdotal observations that help an open source product grow.

As Magento licensing has evolved to accommodate cloud computing, so to has the Magento platform. A key announcement at the conference was Magento Cloud, a Platform-as-a-Service that enables rapid deployment of storefronts, combined with a managed services and hosted infrastructure.  Currently the platform supports versions 2.0.5 onward and is restricted to Magento Enterprise. This product comes at a time when developers are searching for a way to streamline their hosting options and take advantage of the DevOps movement, rather than operating in a reactive method to e-commerce demands.

For these very reasons, Anchor released Fleet for Magento  at last year’s Imagine. An increasing demand to integrate with our customers and partners, rather than simply providing managed hosting, saw the creation of the Platform-as-a-Service that enables rapid code deployment and automation and which sits on top of AWS. This Magento-as-a-Service seeks to put a stop to code deployment nightmares for users of either the Magento Community or Enterprise editions. For more information on how Anchor can help with Magento Cloud or Fleet, please drop a question to our helpful team.

20160412_200433While we’re on the topic of selfless promotion, Anchor has gone one step further in the DevOps movement. As we did a couple of years ago, we’re gazing toward the horizon for inspiration. Once again, having listened to our customers needs, we’ve productised the external integration of our people into Agile/Scrum organisations — essentially cloud ops people-as-a-service. The market is screaming for automation around code deployment and tooling to support continuous delivery, and we’ve got the people and experience to be able to help.

Organisations are looking to reduce risk, simplify deployments and increase a team’s velocity. By embedding our experienced cloud operations specialists into projects, our partners and customers are fast tracking their growth without having to go through the pain and uncertainty around hiring and onboarding. For more info or to chat about this service, drop us a line. Otherwise, we hope to catch up poolside at next year’s Magento Imagine 2017!