We have a new Anchorite!

December 7, 2015 General, General

We have a new Anchorite!Sarah

A big welcome to Sarah Wilson. Sarah is joining the Anchor team as an Account Manager, based in Anchor’s Sydney office. Since finishing school, Sarah’s worked in the hospitality industry, customer service and more recently as a Marketing assistant. On top of all this, Sarah’s completing a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts, Marketing and Media. She has always been interested in sales and is looking forward to learning everything about the hosting industry and what it means to be a great Account Manager.

She’s passionate about both playing and following sports, especially the Manly Sea Eagles in NRL and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

In just her second week, Sarah managed to break the Anchor ‘coffee bot’ that delivers Slack notifications when it’s time for everyone to go down to the café for a break. Instead of admitting it, she manually impersonated the bot whilst on an annual leave day in Melbourne. She tried to post ‘It’s coffee o’clock! ‘ at the appropriate times…….until she posted a minute early for the afternoon break and got found out by a suspicious sys admin…haha. Good work on not giving up trying to solve the problem Sarah, that’s the attitude!