Is Your Website Ready for Click Frenzy 2015?

September 1, 2015 General, General

With Click Frenzy happening again on November 17th, and online sales trends continuing to climb, it is once more predicted to break online sales records—as well as any participating websites that aren’t prepared.

Last year’s Click Frenzy event saw a 27.7% rise in online sales over the previous year, with the average customer order increasing 15.2% to $151.021. Any sudden rise in online activity, particularly when compressed into a single 24-hour period, can trigger a frenzy of technical issues for some retailers. According to IBM research, the first Click Frenzy in November 2012 saw 37% more online sales than even the Boxing Day sales. This unprecedented flurry of online transactions in such a short period of time saw many retailers crash under the pressure, losing sales and frustrating customers2.

That first event revealed how easy it is for online retailers to snatch failure from the jaws of success by underestimating the ability of their website infrastructure to cope with the stampede of eager customers.

Online retailer Just Bedding decided against participating in the first Click Frenzy campaign, as the risk of making a bad impression outweighed the attraction of a huge retail opportunity. The sudden increase in traffic across a single day, and the unpredictability of the demand, would have required too much effort from the technical team to keep the site from falling over, and with no guarantee of success.

But, in 2013, Anchor’s server support gave Just Bedding the confidence to take advantage of the massive sales opportunity. Gabriel Luis, Just Bedding’s website administrator, called up Anchor to let the team know a potential flood of traffic was coming. Forewarned, Anchor was able to work with Just Bedding’s technical team to seamlessly scale the website.

“Anchor simply upped the server package to cope with the increase in traffic on this day,” says Luis. “They did create a precautionary landing page, just in case there were any issues with customers reaching the site, but it wasn’t needed.”

The website was able to withstand a huge spike in traffic on the day, eliminating much of the risk while maximising the opportunity.

If you’re one of the many retailers already signed up or still contemplating whether to join Click Frenzy this year, now is the time to talk to your hosting provider and your technical team. With a little forward planning, you can enjoy a frenzy of sales, not