Anchor Launches Fleet: Magento as a Service

March 11, 2015 General, General

New automated hosting platform takes the challenge out of continuous delivery for e-commerce

Sydney, Australia, 11th March 2015 – Anchor, the Australian managed hosting provider behind some of the biggest online retailers, has launched a fully automated hosting platform designed to eliminate many of the hosting headaches faced by digital agencies and e-commerce businesses. The first of its kind anywhere in the world, Fleet simplifies and turbocharges development workflows by eliminating the most common causes of downtime and code deployment issues.Fleet is such a shift from traditional hosting services that Anchor has released a specially produced four minute video to explain how it works—voiced by last week’s star panellist on the ABC’s Q&A program, Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter, Babe, Blackadder).

Anchor is the first hosting provider in Australia to become an official Magento partner and is a platinum sponsor of next month’s Magento Imagine event in Las Vegas. Fleet’s Magento as a Service is an automated, high availability, high performance cloud-based platform, exclusively designed and built by Anchor to fit the most efficient continuous delivery workflows while reducing costs.“In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of e-commerce, being able to adapt and evolve quickly can be a major advantage. That’s why some of today’s most successful websites push new code into production as much as fifty times a day,” says Bart Thomas, CEO of Anchor. “Fleet makes continuous delivery far easier to achieve for Australian and international retailers, without sacrificing any of the security, stability and performance that is so crucial in e-commerce hosting.”

Built on AWS as part of a new agreement between Anchor and Amazon Web Services, Fleet uses an immutable infrastructure model to easily clone, manage and auto-scale hosting environments. In minutes, it is possible to deploy a fully automated hosting environment — including the optimum server configuration, load balancers and caching layers — all architected specifically to extract the best possible performance and reliability from Magento.

Staging and testing environments are always a perfect mirror of the production environment. Code is pushed live by switching between environments without any need to sync data—a methodology called ‘Blue-Green Deployment’. This makes it easy to test and deploy code with zero downtime and with virtually no risk of a mistake making it into Production. And as it’s so quick and easy to deploy and destroy environments, your hosting bills are no longer inflated by the need to maintain inactive duplicate environments between projects.

“Hosting and performance issues can happen for a number of reasons, including as a result of the routine tasks involved in running a website,” says Thomas. “Fleet doesn’t attempt to perform server repairs or synchronisation tasks better, or even correct the issues that arise more efficiently. Instead, Fleet eliminates the need to perform these steps entirely.”

“Fleet entirely redefines Anchor, transforming us from a company that solves problems to a company that prevents them. Some of the web development companies already working with Anchor have seen major efficiency improvements by switching to Fleet—including lower costs, faster release of new features and vastly improved uptime for online retailers using Magento.”

To find out more or to sign up for a free trial, visit or call 1300 883 979.

About Anchor
Anchor is one of Australia’s leading, independent web hosting providers. Founded in 2000, Anchor provides DevOps automation, fully managed web and application hosting services and specialises in creating innovative, open source and scalable cloud hosting solutions. Anchor works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, including Booktopia, Mambo, Michelle Bridges, Kimberly Clark, Birdsnest and Airtasker. It has also supported the strong growth of heavyweight Silicon Valley-based technology companies TestFlight and Github.

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