Australian companies hit Silicon Valley

August 29, 2013 In The Media, General

September, 2009: Australian IT companies are out running local providers to win deals in the international technology heartland, Silicon Valley.

Anchor, a Sydney based web-hosting firm, scored the winning spot lapping local providers to be selected by Silicon Valley firm GitHub to manage its website system.

The company secured the deployment because of its reputation for reliable systems management which it delivers from Sydney data centre, said Andrew Rogers, Anchor’s Managing Director.

GitHub is the largest deployment the company has worked. “We were selected for the mix of services we were available to offer,” he said. “GitHub required a special set of skills and we could deliver them.”

Rogers says that Anchor’s deployment is a signal that Australian IT companies are making it in the Valley. “The local industry is getting more organised,” he said.

We are one of many success stories; other Australian success stories to come out of the Valley include Aruspex, 5th Finger and Embedster, he said.

Australia’s presence in the Valley reflects the skills and expertise of the Australian IT market and serves to boost Australia’s confidence in the market, Roger said.

There could be more Australian success stories to come out of the valley with at the annual Gateway to the US Summit. Australian tech companies will put their skills and expertise on display at the summit which starts October 6.

ANZA Technology Network has selected Australian-based companies Earth Utility, iPOWOW!, myCaRMS, Myownpad, Software Shortlist and Tradeslot to showcase its products at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale.

The companies have been selected by as part of a 2-month program designed at exploring expansion opportunities in the US market which kicks off in Silicon Valley.

In a statement “This year’s companies demonstrate innovation at every level — technology, business models and customer acquisition,” said Viki Forrest, CEO of ANZA Technology Network.

ANZA has also invited a small number of Australian-based companies already doing business in Silicon Valley to demonstrate its products alongside the Gateway companies.

“A number of these companies have successfully entered the US market and are doing exciting things. We are pleased to give them a chance to let our local audience know that they are here and what they have to offer,” Forrest said in the statement.


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