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We provide the online community engagement presence for our clients, and as such we need to ensure that their sites are available and functioning 24/7. It is also very important that we capture all of the participation activity and have analytics available to our clients from across the globe at all times.”

Karthik Reddy – CTO, Bang The Table.


Bang The Table

Bang The Table helps public and private sector organisations build stronger relationships with their community and stakeholders.

The company was established because no matter how well designed, traditional consultation processes inevitably only reach a small part of a community or stakeholder group. The internet provides an opportunity to give vastly more people access to information and to have their say.

EngagementHQ was the result.


EngagementHQ is an online community engagement platform which gives organisations the tools to help share good quality accessible information, gather thoughts, feelings and ideas and analyse the outcomes.

Ensuring that everybody’s voices are heard in a safe and productive fashion, EngagementHQ allows a political, social and emotional context to be set in which community consultation can take place.

EngagementHQ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, which means that all of the clients’ community engagement websites are managed by Bang The Table. Six years after opening for business, Bang The Table now has more than 200 customers; consulting on over 1000 projects.



The Challenge

Initially, Bang The Table was managing the hosting of EngagementHQ independently. However, as the company began expanding globally, troubleshooting at all hours of the day across the various timezones was proving difficult: Anchor’s expertise was required.

After working with Anchor on a contract basis, it was established that EngagementHQ would run much more efficiently with Anchor’s quick hands on board.

Anchor’s Response

Anchor’s reputation for their expertise in Linux-based software engineering was the key to winning the confidence of Bang The Table for EngagementHQ managed hosting.

Following the initial engagement, Anchor showed how reliability and efficiency could be dramatically improved through a more complete understanding of hosting and troubleshooting strategies.

“Even in trying times, Anchor were able to revive services quickly enough that most of our issues at hand ended up being very low impact,” says Reddy.

“Having Anchor looking after us means that our product team can stick to doing what they love, safe in the knowledge that our mates at Anchor have got us covered.”

“We have a fantastic relationship with Anchor, they are very much a part of our future plans. I am really pleased that we have been able to convince them to provide their services in the UK and Canada too!”


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