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I’ve been working with the Anchor team for over seven years and been impressed with their technical ability and understanding of just how important a website is to an online retailer – it isn’t just part of our business, it is our business.

Over the years they’ve been able to accurately scale and grow out the infrastructure in a way that has really supported our business.”

Steven Traurig – Director, Booktopia

The Company

Booktopia – your quintessential Australian online retailer.

Booktopia is one of Australia’s largest and best-known online bookstores with more than 4 million titles available. The business has been a growth machine since its inception in 2004, and this continues, with listings in the BRW Fast 100 Companies for the past two years. Booktopia has also been ranked in Hitwise’s Top 10 most visited sites list every month since 2005.

top most visited site


The Opportunity

Booktopia director Steven Traurig, approached Anchor in 2006 to assist with building a scalable and reliable web hosting infrastructure to support this amazing growth. Steven gave Anchor these challenges:

      • How can I store millions of records in a database?
      • Once I’ve got them there, how to make sure my customers can access them really fast?
      • How can I handle the periodic sales cycles associated with running an online business, including occasional spikes, without my site running slowly or falling over?
      • Can I have confidence in the company providing my hosting?
      • Can they provide the infrastructure needed to run our custom JBoss application?

The Anchor Solution

Needless to say, Anchor was up the challenge! The team worked to design, develop and implement a multi-tiered solution comprising multiple web server frontends and database backends.

This stores the records and makes them quickly accessible. The frontends run a custom JBoss application and sit behind a highly-available load-balancer, distributing load across the cluster. The load-balancer makes sure the site is fully available and takes care of those traffic spikes.

Anchor provides comprehensive server monitoring 24×7, with service restoration provided by our team of qualified and experienced system administrators. Using this infrastructure we’ve achieved more than 99.9% web site availability every month for the past year.

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