Australian Anchor launches US Point of Presence

August 28, 2013 In The Media, General

March, 2012: Independent Australian web hosting provider Anchor has opened its new US-based hosting service for fast-growing Australian businesses with US customers.

The new service offers hosting customers an unmatched level of performance and service levels when compared to the alternative of renting capacity from US web hosting providers.

Believed to be a first of its kind for an Australian hosting company, Anchor has completed the installation and configuration of web server equipment in a Los Angeles, CA facility.

“Australian online businesses are servicing global markets and more of our clients are seeking a high-quality experience for their important US customers,” said Keiran Holloway, Anchor’s CEO.

“Anchor has a reputation for technical expertise — we’re not just a generic hosting provider. You come to us to help you solve intractable problems you can’t fix with your current provider, or because you have specific needs which can’t be met off-the-shelf.

“Now the same hands-on, high quality service and support applies to our hosting service in the US. If you’re an Australian online business hoping to make it big in the world’s biggest online marketplace, you need to consider Anchor for your hosting needs.”

Aussie startups already choosing Anchor’s US POP

Fast-growing Australian startups such as Grad Connection and AffinityLive are among the first to take advantage of the US POP facility.

“While we’ve got users in over 80 countries, around half of the companies using our online business management software are US based,” said Geoff McQueen, CEO of AffinityLive.

“Our customer base in the US is growing rapidly since our product came out of beta only recently, and since our customers rely on our product to manage so many aspects of their professional services business, we need to be absolutely certain we’re delivering a web experience that loads as quickly and reliably for US customers as it does here in Australia.” McQueen said.

Mike Casey, Director at GradConnection, said the business was now the highest-ranked graduate employment site in Australia and had aggressive plans for growth and expansion in the US in the years to come.

“Anchor has helped us grow from a website with no traffic to the largest student jobs website in Australia. They have also helped us with our successful Asian expansion which is why I am excited about being apart of Anchor’s expansion into the US,” Casey said.

“Their grass roots support for the Australian tech startup community in Australia has been fantastic and I am looking forward to seeing how they can offer this same support for Australian companies entering the US market.”

Competition prize-winners announced

To celebrate the launch of the US Point Of Presence (POP) Anchor ran an online trivia quiz competition with prizes including a return airfare to Los Angeles, a pair of genuine cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. The winners were:

  1. Virgin Australia economy return airfare to LA – Rebecca Hay (Optus)
  2. Genuine Shepler’s Cowboy boots – Mike Causer (Smile Networks)
  3. Genuine Hatworld cowboy hat – David Low (Layered Group)