Archana – Anchor’s Mama-Bear

IMG_5188Archana is a one-woman accounts dynamo. As the only person working full-time on accounts – with occasional assistance from Andrew and Jessica – she has a crucial role at Anchor. She earned her Masters in Professional Accounting from Central Queensland University and plans to start her CPA in the next few years.

Like many working mums, Archana manages to juggle her career with spending time with her 7-year-old son. Not always easy when both she and her husband work full-time.

With 3 sisters and 2 brothers, family has always been an important part of Archana’s life. She’s still very close with her sisters and travelled extensively with them while she was back in India.

In 2009 Archana moved with her son and husband from her native New Delhi in India to Australia. The original plan was to wait in Australia for their Canadian visas to be approved. However, she and her husband liked Australia and decided to settle here instead.

After initially training and working as a teacher for much of her career, Archana got her first taste of accounting while working for a previous employer. Archana soon developed a passion for accounting and decided it was the career path she wanted to pursue. Anchor gave her the opportunity to focus full-time on accounting, and she joined the team at the start of 2013.

Despite being happily settled in Australia, Archana still makes an effort to keep in touch with her family and friends back in India, using Skype to call them and YouTube to keep up with the latest episodes of her favourite Indian TV shows.

In her spare time, Archana enjoys going to the cinema to see the latest movies with her family. She also loves theme parks. On a recent trip to the Gold Coast, she was the one dragging her son and husband to go on all the rides.

That’s right – once she gets on a rollercoaster, this quiet, softly-spoken accounts girl transforms into a raving adrenaline junkie!