Peering into the private lives of our network admins

In a departure from our usual technical posts, we thought we’d share with you a little of what it’s like to be a network admin here at Anchor.

A properly functioning network is critical for a internet services company, and our net-ops team does a fantastic job of ensuring that things keep running smoothly. When they’re not dealing with problems (which are rare) they’re hard at work improving and upgrading our network.

Just last week they extended our VoIP PABX to the US and enabled QoS support from end to end. A bit of late-night work was needed to avoid disrupting the support team, but it came off without a hitch.

Photo of our senior network admin crashed out on a couch, covered with a green blanket and holding a plush horse

Our senior network admin getting some much needed rest after last week’s upgrades

Hang on a moment.

What is that, is that… a pony? Zoom in and enhance it.

Close-up of the hindquarters of the plush horse seen in the previous photo

A-ha! I’d recognise that branding anywhere, that’s a fabled NodePony!

When asked about the origins of the pony, the senior network admin refuses to say more than “no you can’t have a pony”, and clutches the equine plushie closer lest one of us attempt to spirit it away.

Well, you can’t have everything, but it turns out that sometimes you can have a pony. We’d like to give a shout out to our friends at Internode, they’re almost certainly our most hassle-free upstream network provider.

Better yet, NodePony has proven to be a very reliable member of the support team. He’s a gun when it comes to resolving tickets, and he only needs a very small barn to live in.

NodePony wearing a monocle

NodePony remains superlatively classy even while performing support duties.

Unfortunately you can’t call up and speak to NodePony, he’s only doing email support at the moment due to having a sore throat. He’s a little hoarse.

Are you in possession of a NodePony? We want you to work for us!

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