Anchor teams up with Amazon Web Services to provide fully managed cloud

November 12, 2012 Company News, General

Anchor is pleased to announce our newly-minted relationship with Amazon as a management provider. Playing to each company’s respective strengths, the relationship showcases Anchor’s unmatched management and support, coupled with the scalability and performance of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Why Amazon?

The announcement coincides with the opening of Amazon’s local presence right here in Sydney, which will provide the much-anticipated capacity and low latency that their users need. We’re big fans of the AWS model and have used it to support big customers who have very “bursty” capacity requirements.

The AWS Advantage

Amazon’s architecture provides systems that are flexible and suitable for use at almost any scale. Because AWS works on a usage billing model, you only pay for what you use, with no upfront commitment.

As things get busy it’s easy to provision more resources to meet the demand and scale up. One of the key features of AWS is instant provisioning. Need more compute power? Spin up more EC2 instances and add them to the pool. Need more memory or diskspace? Just dial it in and off you go.

This makes it a perfect match for services with unpredictable or bursty usage patterns. By keeping overhead costs low with on-demand scaling, you only pay for customers actually using your site. Huge spikes in activity are easily accommodated thanks to the ability to instantly provision extra capacity.

The value of managed services

Developers and businesses want the scalability and performance that Amazon promises, but it doesn’t come for free. AWS is very much a self-serve architecture, and it takes time to learn the ropes and keep an eye on your services.

That’s what Anchor provides for businesses looking to go big online. We manage the architecture and deployment of services, leaving them free to concentrate on the things that matter, like building features and responding to customers.

Anchor’s demonstrated experience

Anchor already has a track record in managing Amazon’s cloud services for customers, taking advantage of the extreme flexibility and scalability.

In one particular instance we managed a sizeable AWS deployment for a customer that needed a hybrid solution. Working closely with their developers, we analysed their existing setup and devised a plan to push the scale-up components into the cloud, while letting them keep their datastores hosted internally.

This made extensive use of different AWS components including load balancers, virtual networking topology, remote connectivity, DNS and on-demand EC2 compute instances. With Anchor’s management and monitoring expertise they were able to successfully handle massive spikes of activity without buckling under the pressure.

Like to know more?

We’ll be at the AWS Customer Appreciation Day in Sydney tomorrow, so feel from to come and have a chat. Alternatively, you’re welcome to drop us a mail or give us a call, we’d love to talk about your plans and requirements.

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